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How extra virgin olive oil can benefit your hair

    When it comes to consuming healthy fats, extra virgin olive oil is often recommended. In fact, extra virgin olive oil is a regular part of the Mediterranean Diet!


    It is full of good fats, high in antioxidants, and comes with quite a few health benefits. For example, it helps control blood pressure, lessens the severity of arthritis, and lowers the risk of heart disease.


    But even if you’re already familiar with the health benefits of consuming extra virgin olive oil, you might not be aware that it can also be beneficial to your hair. That’s right! The nutrients can help keep your hair feel silky and smooth. Just keep in mind that these benefits apply to extra virgin olive oil, not other types of olive oil.


    So, should you use extra virgin olive oil for hair? And how exactly do you apply it? Well, keep reading to find out!

    Full of nutrients

    Extra virgin olive oil contains both Vitamin A and Vitamin C. This can help make your hair stronger and healthier. If you have thin hair that is prone to falling out, extra virgin olive oil can help strengthen your hair to lessen hair loss.


     It can also help prevent split ends. And without split ends and without your hair breaking as easily, you’ll soon discover that your hair is growing! While extra virgin olive oil itself doesn’t speed up growth, it makes your hair healthy enough to grow.

    Moisturize hair naturally

    If you struggle with damaged hair, frizzy hair, or naturally dry hair, you might struggle to figure out ways to keep your hair feeling soft and smooth. You might try different shampoos or treatments, but sometimes the chemicals in hair products can make your hair feel even worse.


    Extra virgin olive oil, however, is a way to moisturize your hair naturally. It is simple enough to incorporate into your normal hair routine. Wash your hair normally, then massage a little extra virgin olive oil into your hair.

    Help scalp irritation

    Extra virgin olive oil helps with scalp-related problems as well. If you’re prone to dandruff and are tired of having to deal with an itchy, flaky scalp, extra virgin olive oil can help ease your scalp irritation. Reducing scalp irritation can help get rid of dandruff.


    And the irritation doesn’t have to be because of dandruff! If you’ve used a shampoo or a hair product that reacted negatively to your skin and has caused your scalp to become itchy, extra virgin olive oil can soothe the irritation.

    Add some luster

    Some people use extra virgin olive oil as a pair of their daily hair care routine, not only to strengthen and moisturize their hair but to add some shine to their hair! Incorporating a little bit of extra virgin olive oil into a normal hair care routine can help soften it and make it easier to style.


    Not to mention, it gives it a little extra luster! And since extra virgin olive oil is a natural product, some people prefer it over using a product full of chemicals.

    A little goes a long way

    However, when incorporating extra virgin olive oil into your hair care routine, just remember that a little goes a long way! You will want to avoid putting too much of it on your hair because too much will leave your hair feeling greasy and heavy.


    All you need to do is put a little on your fingertips and massage it into your hair. Some people also find that putting a shower cap on for 20 minutes after they’ve worked it in helps to further moisturize their hair.

    Other health benefits

    In addition to consuming extra virgin olive oil or working it into your hair, you can also use it on your skin. Extra virgin olive oil can help get rid of skin irritation and dryness, leaving your skin feeling regenerated. It can also improve the elasticity in your skin to help temporarily reduce wrinkles!


    Plus, extra virgin olive oil can also provide brittle nails with needed nutrients to help strengthen them. And if you struggle with clogged ears, extra virgin olive oil can help soften ear wax to make your ears easier to clean.

    Final thoughts

    No matter if you have dry hair and want to find a natural product, or if you simply want to add some extra shine to your hair, extra virgin olive oil is something you’ll want to consider. It is full of great nutrients that will leave your hair and scalp feeling smooth and silky!