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How HCG Diet Helps You Lose Weight without Starving For Years Together

    Obesity is the alarming concern for the medical profession today. While the developed countries are affected greatly, the menace is fast spreading to the developed and even underdeveloped countries of the world.

    In addition to causing ugly look, obesity is responsible for many other health issues like heart disease, diabetes, arthritis etc. Thanks to the medical experts there has grown a worldwide consciousness to fight the obese condition right from the childhood. Check out phenrx patches reviews.

    The people have become health conscious and are trying various exercises to combat the menace. Also many dieting methods have been developed by concerned experts. These dietary regimes have their own merits as well as demerits, each suiting to specific categories of people.

    In this article we try to tell about some of the dietary regimes to understand how HCG VLCD is superior in losing weight with gradual and scientific approaches.

    Paleo diet

    Some experts feel that people should adhere to the diet which their ancestors used to eat. The logic behind this idea is that our body system is designed for the food which our ancestors used to eat for long period of time.

    The foods advised by this diet are lean protein, vegetable, fruit, seeds, nuts and whole food. Dairy products, sugars, processed foods and grains are prohibited.

    Studies have shown that this dietary regime does cause weight loss and is beneficial for some health issues such as heart disease, cholesterol & sugar and blood pressure control.

    But the diet plan tends to eliminate important foods having high nutrient contents. The hcg recipe, on the other hand is more balanced.

    Vegan diet

    The vegetarian groups have put forward the vegan diet which prohibits non-vegetarian foods including eggs and dairy products.

    Consumption of other animal related products like honey, gelatin, albumin, forms of vitamin D3 etc are also prohibited. This seems to be the strictest diet plan and has been developed mainly to resist cruelty to the animals.

    This diet plan also enables weight loss.

    The downside of this diet plan is that it eliminates many valuable nutrients such as vitamin B12 & D, iron, iodine, calcium, zinc as well as omega 3 fatty acids. The hcg foods have no such limitations.

    Low-Carb Diet

    The idea of low carbohydrate diet developed from the fact that the body burns its own deposited fats in absence of food intake. By restricting the intake of calories the body is forced to reduce its fat content thereby reducing the weight.

    The diet plan allows unlimited intake of proteins and fats while restricting the intake of carbohydrate severely.

    Low carbohydrate diet has been found to reduce the weight considerably within a short span of time. It also helps in reducing the most obstinate belly fat.

    But this dietary plan may not suit everybody. Some people may not be comfortable with it at all. Some also have been found to increase their LDL which is considered as the bad cholesterol.

    However low-carb diets are considered to be quite helpful suiting most people. The hcg dietary regime with all phases takes use of this benefit while improving the performance by the use of the magic hcg hormone which is found naturally in humans.

    Dukan diet

    In this diet plan low carbohydrate is supplemented by high protein intake. It has four phases of implementation. There shall be two phases for weight loss and two phases for maintenance. The dietary plan for each phase is different from the others.

    Studies have shown remarkable weight loss benefit from this dietary plan.

    But scientific studies consider it improper to limit both carbohydrate and fats. Fats are said to increase the metabolic rate when taken along with high protein.

    The fast weight loss also causes loss of muscles along with fat which is detrimental for the body. In HCG VLCD the problem of muscle loss has been taken care of by introducing hcg hormone which helps in creating body hormones which burn the fats.

    Ultra low fat diet

    This diet plan attacks on the fat intake limiting it to meager 10% of the total calorie intake. This plan allows limited consumption of animal products and is mainly bases itself on plants.

    It turns out to be high in protein and very low in carbohydrates and fats.

    Fat restriction has many downside effects. The important roles which the fats play are, helping the body to absorb vitamins which are fat-soluble, such as vitamin D, building hormones & cell membranes.


    This is considered to be the extreme weight loss regime benefitting a vast section of the obese population all over the world. The highlight points of the hcg drops associated diet plan is that it increases body metabolism and reduces hunger which is an irritant for the participants of all weight loss programs.

    Hcg is a naturally occurring hormone which is found in abundance in the urine of the pregnant female humans. This is a gift from the Mother Nature which has been created to save the fetus from possible malnutrition even if the mother is unable to have sufficient food intake. This hormone helps in maintaining the pregnancy by burning the body fats. This dietary plan has been designed by taking cue from this aspect of the hormone.

    The dietary regime has been divided into four phases. The loading phase which extends for 1 to 2 days is planned to prepare the body for the ensuing onslaught.

    In this phase the patients are asked to consume high amount of fatty foods making intake of high calorie as well as high amount of fats. The patient starts taking hcg weight loss drops with doctors prescription if needed.

    The second phase which may last from 18 to 40 days is known as the very low calorie diet phase. The calorie intake is restricted to 500 calorie per day only. The foods to be taken are strictly regulated and specified.

    The third phase is called the stabilization phase. In this phase the patient stops taking hcg drops. The calorie intake is restricted still to 500 calories. Some new varieties are added to the list.

    The grand finale starts with the final stage known as the maintenance phase. The calorie intake is slowly raised to 1500 calories per day. Hcg drops are stopped.