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How Important Exercise for Seniors and Aging Adults

    The result of advances in medicine and improved quality of life have had a drastic effect on our lives. We are now living longer lives. Unfortunately, this does not mean that we are also living healthier lives. But it is vital to put into perspective that there is a way to age in a healthy way. A good diet, regular exercise, and making lifestyle choices are the pillars of disease prevention and maintaining physical and mental health. Maintaining our ability to retain our body strength and move independently can play a significant role in ensuring a high quality of life as you live through your best years. 

    Older adults should aim to do moderate-intensity exercise for at least 2.5 hours every week. This should include both strength training and aerobic exercise to improve heart and lung health. Many older adults and seniors would like to begin an exercise routine and maintain their health but often do not know where to start. It is also true that many seniors have a justified concern about getting injured. 

    What is the solution? 

    The best solution for seniors to exercise that improves their cardiovascular fitness and increases their bodies’ strength is rowing. It is not the first equipment that most people use in the gym, but the health benefits are plenty. 

    What are the benefits of rowing? 


    • Increase in strength for core, upper and lower body
    • Improved cardiovascular conditioning
    • Increased stamina
    • Improved mood 
    • Compared to other forms of aerobic exercise such as running, there is significantly less damage to joints
    • It is safer for older adults since they do not have to struggle with or fear falls from balance issues that are common as we age 
    • Retain mobility and prevention of bone loss



    How do I start exercising with rowing? 

    The first piece of advice for seniors thinking about starting to exercise after a long time is to speak with their doctor first. The best advice is to start slow and give your body time to adjust. The best way to achieve improved health, achieve results, and make sure that progress is long term is to start slow and escalate the intensity of exercise over time. 

    In this respect, rowing is an excellent form of exercise. It gives seniors the ability to work out according to the intensity, and at a level of resistance, they are capable of. It allows for the exercise regimen to become more challenging over time. This gives time for the heart of seniors to adjust and their muscles to strengthen. This can drastically reduce injury and falls for seniors. 



    Do I need to join a gym to start rowing?

     No! There are many options available for seniors that want to start using rowing to start an exercise regimen. Rowing is, in many ways, the perfect home gym equipment. This is because it allows for a full-body workout that can be done on a rowing machine, which does not take as much space and is less loud than a treadmill. 


    What are the best rowing machines for seniors? 

    As older adults and seniors’ popularity to start rowing as a form of exercise is increasing, this is a popular question. The best rowing machine for seniors on the market today include the following: 

    2. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 
    3. Concept2 Model D Indoor 

    It is tough to choose the best rowing machines for seniors when there are so many to choose from. But through popular and expert opinion, these rowing machines are the best option for seniors looking to reinvigorate their life.