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How Infertility Can Compromise Your Mental Health and Romantic Relationship

    Infertility can cause or, at least, complicate mental illnesses just as much as it can negatively impact a romantic relationship. While it is one of the leading causes of marital and relationship dissolution, it can also help bring a couple together who value their relationship. If trying to conceive is affecting your mental stability and relationship with your partner, it would be best to seek help from a New York infertility treatments specialist at Innovation Fertility Preservation & IVF.

    How infertility can affect your quality of life

    1.  Sexual anxiety

    Having sex for pleasure is one thing. Doing it to conceive is another. Imagine a situation where each time you want to engage in sexual intercourse, all you think about is how many times you have tried to have a baby without success. The sexual enjoyment will not be the same, as your mind will be obsessed with baby-making thoughts that cause you to forget your pleasurable preferences.

    2.  Knowing when to see an infertility expert

    If you are 35 years and over and have tried to become pregnant for the last 12 months, there may be friction between you and your partner about the reasons for not conceiving. The man might blame the woman and vice versa. Consequently, both parties might be unwilling to seek help due to fear of shouldering the blame. The only way to avoid petty fights over who is infertile, however, is by seeking specialized treatment right away.

    3.  Fear of sharing your secret with a third party

    Infertility is one topic most couples would prefer not to share with close loved ones, let alone a medical expert. The social stigma that comes with becoming vulnerable by sharing such an intimate secret is enough to make a couple stay silent for the rest of their lives. If you feel uncomfortable seeking an infertility expert’s medical opinion, it would make it difficult to accurately identify what is delaying your pregnancy.

    4.  Fear of abandonment

    It is human to fear being abandoned due to infertility issues. You may even picture yourself ending up all alone because you cannot have a baby. Even if your partner assures you they will not leave you, you may not be confident they will live up to their promise. If both of you value your relationship and are willing to see an infertility specialist, some of your fears may be alleviated or even replaced with relief.

    5.  Financing infertility treatments might lead to long-term debts

    When considering infertility’s economic aspect, many couples delay paying an expert to reveal their infertility causes due to financial strain. While you might not be a candidate for IVF treatment, choosing other treatment options might lead to a financial burden that may take time to recover from. Your situation may even compel you to service loans which can lead to long-term debts.

    See an infertility specialist to restore your quality of life

    Either party is susceptible to infertility problems. How you navigate your decisions to address it will impact how both your romantic relationship and mental health will fare. To find out if you are a good candidate for infertility treatments, schedule a consultation at Innovation Fertility Preservation & IVF today.