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How Long Does It Take For PEMF Therapy To Take Effect?

    You’ve come to the right place if you’re still in the dark about how effective PEMF therapy is. Educating yourself on the many benefits of PEMF therapy is critical to improving your treatment plan. If you use PEMF therapy correctly, you can achieve positive results.

    PEMF therapy is a supportive treatment solution. On average, your body’s energy levels can get depleted by your daily routine. If you don’t replenish these energy reserves quickly enough, your immune system and bodily functions are at risk. Headaches, stomach discomfort, muscle cramps, and fatigue are typical problems you can easily address, thanks to the benefits of PEMF therapy.

    However, some health problems are more challenging. As bones and tissues wear down with age, the body’s ability to heal drastically reduces based on your body type. Chronic and degenerative diseases like arthritis and Parkinson’s can be difficult to treat. Fortunately, you and your therapist can incorporate PEMF therapy into your medical plan as a tried and true treatment.

    A few things will determine rapid progress in your treatment plan, including;

    1. How Severe Is Your Medical Condition?

    Whether recovering from a sprained ankle or a traffic accident, PEMF therapy is appropriate for various medical problems. However, your full recovery depends on your needs as a patient. Mild health problems are easier to treat. They also take less recovery time. These include anxiety, stress, and muscle tension which can trigger headaches. Thankfully, PEMF therapy is a suitable alternative to other medications.

    The electromagnetic fields target the affected areas and relieve tension in the muscles. As your body relaxes, stress and anxiety disappear. You get to experience a sense of well-being. Sounds great, doesn’t it? The benefits of PEMF therapy have helped manage many mental health issues. Chronic depression, for example, can be life-threatening if you do not properly treat it. You and your therapist can explore PEMF as a different, safer approach to promoting your mental health and recovery. A long-term treatment plan is ideal for managing chronic mental health disorders.

    Bone and tissue damage can take a relatively long time to heal completely. Your body’s cells have an easier time repairing minor injuries compared to major damages.

    1. The Affected Area

    The area that’s stressed or damaged will significantly impact the speed of your recovery. Therefore, talk to a competent therapist about the best approach for your treatment plan. As earlier stated, healing a broken bone or serious tissue damage requires consistent and intensive treatment. Your therapist may suggest frequent treatment sessions of longer duration during the early stages of recovery. A more personalized treatment program may further speed your recovery process.

    Your therapist can focus on high-intensity treatment during in-office therapy sessions. At the same time, with a portable PEMF device, you can shorten your recovery time and be back on your feet in no time. Personalized PEMF devices are also useful on numerous other occasions. Have you been working out at the gym lately? Your muscles are probably stressed with every strenuous movement and are prone to muscle soreness, fatigue and inflammation. Regular laps on the exercise track can cause significant damage to your bones and joints.

    A portable PEMF machine lends itself to a self-treatment routine that keeps your body’s physical shape in check. Note that you’ll need a prescription from your therapist before purchasing. Also, you’ll need to adjust your device settings before using it properly. You should only conduct unsupervised PEMF therapy sessions as directed by your therapist. Otherwise, your health may deteriorate if you use a high-intensity PEMF device.

    How Is PEMF Therapy Effective?

    The success of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy depends on its ability to speed up the body’s metabolism. When a part of your body is stressed or damaged, the affected area sends a distress signal through magnetic fields. However, your body’s cells may not have enough energy to heal damaged bone and tissue properly.

    Pulsing electromagnetic fields at a controlled frequency will relax your body. You’ll feel a tingling sensation of warmth while your blood circulation improves. You’ll also be able to breathe better. In turn, the internal functional mechanisms of your cells will work at an optimal level. Below you’ll learn more about how your body benefits from magnetic therapy:

    Cardiovascular System

    PEMF therapy has a positive effect on your cardiovascular system. As the electromagnetic fields flow through your body,

    • Your cells breathe and function better.
    • The increased magnetic activity improves your blood circulation and prevents platelets from sticking.
    • PEMF therapy prevents thrombosis (blood clots).
    • Magnetic therapy stimulates the release of chemicals that control the expansion and contraction of blood vessels. Relaxed blood vessels can more easily detect and adjust to irregular blood flow and regulate your blood pressure if it is too low or too high.
    • Your cholesterol levels improve with PEMF therapy. 


    Electromagnetic field therapy improves breathing and helps control common breathing problems like asthma.

    Skeletal System

    PEMF therapy improves the body’s ability to recover quickly from bone damage. Chronic and degenerative conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis are easier to treat and control.

    Tissue And Muscle Healing

    As supportive therapy for tissue and muscle damage, PEMF therapy promotes your recovery by supporting your body’s repair and healing mechanisms as supportive therapy for tissue and muscle damage. PEMF therapy targets soft and deep tissue damage, making it ideal for a post-surgery treatment plan.

    The Hormonal System And Metabolism

    PEMF therapy speeds up your body’s metabolism by increasing cellular activity.

    • Your body produces more energy for bone and tissue repair.
    • Your cells’ detoxification processes run smoother and faster, removing waste and toxins from cells.
    • Damaged cells get rejuvenated.

    PEMF therapy is an excellent treatment option for patients suffering from blood disorders.

    Nervous System

    PEMF therapy is effective in treating stress, anxiety, and sleep disorders.

    While PEMF therapy has not yet reached its true potential, there is no doubt that many patients with unresolved health issues will begin to realize the many benefits of PEMF therapy. Schedule an appointment with your therapist today if you’re looking to learn more about this form of treatment.