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How Millionaires Stay on Top of Their Mental Health

    The public perception of a millionaire is someone who has all of his or her problems solved. A million dollars goes a long way toward increasing a person’s sense of security, but being a millionaire can be highly stressful. Even if you come from a privileged background, it is necessary to take concrete steps to manage your mental health.Sam Ovens explains how millionaires can make sure their mental health is strong.


    1. Work on your Support System


    Having a support system in place goes a long way toward fostering mental health. Being supported by friends and family is crucial for all people, regardless of their income level. It is equally important for mental and physical health. According to Brigham Young University, people who feel lonely experience a 30% rise in mortality rates.


    2. Take Time for Recreation


    While you may be focused solely on your business concerns, it is important to take the time to do something fun. Start a new hobby, take part in an adventure sport like rock climbing or kayaking, or go out with your friends. Sharing fun experiences together will build your social bonds, and you will be better equipped to deal with the stresses of everyday life.


    3. Care for your Physical Health


    It’s difficult to be happy if your physical health is suffering. Too often, millionaires push themselves past their physical endurance in search of their goals. While a strong dedication to work is beneficial, it can’t come at the expense of your physical health. See a doctor for regular check-ups and tests. Eat a balanced diet and limit alcohol. Avoid illegal drugs. Keep your body in shape by engaging in regular exercise.


    4. Get Enough Rest


    Many millionaires push themselves to work long hours. They often stay up at night dealing with business concerns. It’s important to make sure your body gets enough rest. Take the time to put your feet up and relax whenever you are not working. Get eight hours of sleep per night, or whatever amount of sleep you need to function at your best. Sleep is not for the weak. Sleep makes your body and mind stronger to deal with the challenges of the day.


    5. Don’t Be Ashamed to Ask for Help


    Sam Ovens stresses this as the most important facet of ensuring your mental health. If you are struggling, reach out for help. Many people with mental health difficulties suffer in silence out of a feeling of shame or a feeling that nothing can be done to help them. Talk to a trusted friend, clergy person, or counselor. Mental health problems do not discriminate and can happen to anyone regardless of their background and their position in life. You may choose counseling or medication or both. Either way, take steps to regain your mental equilibrium.


    Even for millionaires, life can be difficult at times. Use these five practical tips to build a healthier lifestyle. Keeping on top of your mental health doesn’t have to be difficult, but it requires a certain amount of discipline. Since you are a successful person, you already possess this discipline. Use it to better your own life.


    Author Bio: Adrian Rubin is a Philly based photographer and freelance writer.