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How Much Does A Root Canal Cost

    A root canal is one of the most common dental procedures performed in the United States. Yet getting the procedure done is not a pleasant experience for most people.

    The procedure treats the infected tissues at the base of your tooth pulp to avoid serious infections and even abscesses. If you have deep tooth decay, infection, or a large cavity, your dentist must have recommended you a root canal treatment.

    But there must be a big question on your mind right now-

    “How much is this root canal going to cost me?”

    So to find the answer to some key questions relating to root canal cost, we reached out to Dr. Mark Shalaby and Dr. Mike Shalaby, two excellent cosmetic dentists from Austin, Tx. 

    What Is the Cost of Root Canal Procedure?

    The average cost of root canal procedures in the US ranges anywhere between $500 to $2000. There are various factors in play that decide the cost of a root canal procedure.

    1. Position of Tooth:

    Performing a root canal on your front teeth or bicuspid is usually cheaper as they have just one root. Whereas, the cost of a root canal for a molar is higher as they can contain up to three roots resulting in more work for your dentist.

    1. Choice of Dentist:

    To perform the procedure, you need either a specialized dentist known as an endodontist or a general dentist with special training. An endodontist will charge you more as he is an expert in the field. But if you are looking for a more affordable treatment plan, you can choose a general dentist.

    1. The Extent of Damage:

    If you visit a dentist at the onset of your symptoms, he may be able to stop infection at an earlier stage. So the procedure will be easier resulting in lower cost.

    But if you allow the infection or decay to progress too far, the dentist will have to perform a more extensive procedure to repair the damage leading to higher medical bills. So it is best to get the procedure done at the earliest to save money.

    Apart from these, there may be additional costs involved for consultation charges, X- rays, or pain medication. The cost of a root canal treatment also varies with the region you live. 

    For eg., the root canal cost in Austin, Tx averages around $700 to $900. But it can vary from one dental office to another based on the dentist’s experience and quality of service provided.

    Will the Root Canal Cost Be Covered By Insurance

    A root canal treatment often requires immediate attention leaving people worried about the cost involved.  If you have been caught off guard, there is some good news for you. 

    Most dental insurance policies will cover at least the partial cost of a root canal procedure. Some insurance plans even cover up to 50% of the cost. So it is best to call your insurance provider and check how much coverage they provide.

    If you are looking for a reliable cosmetic dentist in Austin for a root canal, you can reach Dr. Mark Shalaby and Mike Shalaby at Paradigm Dental in Austin, Tx. They are both trained to perform the procedure and provide excellent concierge service so you will be in great hands.

    Plus, they may even be able to reduce your root canal cost with their in-house financing plans. So schedule your appointment at Paradigm Dental right now.