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How Pharmaceutical Distribution in the UK Has Helped During the Pandemic

    As the coronavirus pandemic continues to have a significant effect on our lives throughout 2020, there have been several businesses such as distribution that have had to increase their shifts to accommodate. But how has this helped during the pandemic? In this article, we will be providing you with insight into how Pharma distribution has aided the UK in its fight against Covid-19.  

    Ensuring PPE Is Delivered To The NHS 

    One of the main benefits that come from pharmaceutical distribution UK services during this uncertain time is the PPE that they have been able to provide to the NHS. With a national shortage at the very beginning of the pandemic, this has since improved with several businesses obtaining licences to aid the government in meeting the supply and demand for PPE such as aprons, face masks and several other elements. 

    Medication Being Delivered To Wholesalers 

    In addition to the delivery to the NHS of PPE, pharma distribution has proved invaluable when it comes to getting medication to pharmacies and wholesalers. Without them, you there would have been a shortage of medication for those that need it. Whether it is a huge delivery to warehouses for online pharmacies or deliveries to the pharmacies that remained open, this has helped to ensure that those who need access to medication are able to get exactly that. Though this is a process that has taken time to perfect, this has ensured that everyone is kept safe with as minimal disruption as possible. 

    Significantly Faster Supply Chain Process

    As the manufacturing process for medication has been ramped up by electronic batch record systems to meet the supply and demand, so too has the distribution industry. With many people panic buying the likes of paracetamol and other tablets, more had to be done to ensure that those that need it had access to paracetamol. Distribution houses have worked to ensure that there is enough of the basic medication to go around. Whether this is in the supermarket, pharmacies or online pharmacies, deliveries have needed to be maintained to ensure that the medication on offer is stocked fully for those that need it. 

    Keeping People In Work  

    With the delivery of the PPE and the tablets from distributors, this has helped greatly from the pandemic as it has enabled people to remain in work. With PPE mandatory in customer-facing jobs, this has meant that medical equipment, as well as PPE and screens, have been in high demand. As a result, pharma distributors have had to do more to stay on top of orders without spending a small fortune. This has also helped to reduce the cost for manufactures who are having to run much longer runs to keep up with the sudden growth in demand.

    With this in mind, there are several ways that distributors have played a significant role throughout the medical sector during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.  But with the fight against the virus far from over, we will likely to see the importance of their role increasing I the not too distant future.