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How Tech Is Thriving in Healthcare Industry and Transforming Your Life

     Over the years, we all have seen how technology has transformed everything around us. Be it our classrooms, courtrooms, or the healthcare sector – every industry is reaping the benefits of these recent technological changes.

    Heraclitus, an ancient Greek philosopher, once said the only constant in life changes. And this statement proves even more accurate in today’s world of technology and the healthcare industry. Every day we are getting ahead on the technological front, making new inventions to enhance the quality of life – by helping those working in the healthcare industry. 

    Doctors and scientists are trying to find ways to improve the lives of men and women altogether. From the invention of MRI scanners, dialysis machines, antibiotics, and the very recent COVID-19 vaccine, technology keeps pushing us ahead so we can live a long and healthy life. 

    Technology assists humans in getting more from their available resources as machines are now doing tasks that were once impossible and needed a human touch. As a consequence, medical providers of today can focus their time and energy on more pressing matters. At the same time, they are benefiting the patients by reducing the costs of medical care. 

    In this short article, you’ll find how the latest tech is transforming the lives of everyone around it. And how you can take advantage of these technological advancements. Let’s get started:

    Simple Tools With Intelligent Feedback

    With technology, you get endless possibilities. As a result, now you can find several tools in the healthcare industry that can provide you with extensive knowledge of your health. 

    For instance, depending on the medication you are taking to deal with a certain health condition. A simple tool can highlight what blood test you need to fasten the pace of your health recovery further. Medical tools such as OneResults and OneMonitoring provide the patient with such advantages. With their assistance, the healthcare industry is achieving new feats serving their patients with faster and more effective results. 

    Additionally, with the help of such tools, healthcare professionals are now increasing the mortality rate by a very significant percentage. So, not only are these tools beneficial for the patients but also the healthcare industry. 

    Treating People With Augmented Reality 

    Virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality has revolutionized the way we perceive the world around us. With its endless possibilities, it provides the healthcare industry with significant advantages. 

    Recently, virtual reality was awarded as the pièce de résistance of technological transformation in the healthcare industry. Its exceptional capabilities are changing the way patients can be treated all around the world. For example, a patient is suffering from chronic pain, and the traditional treatment methods would ask them to take medication that can have many side effects on their health. And most of the time, it has been found that these treatment methods are not effective, and the patient keeps suffering from similar problems.

    For these patients, VR is a far safer and more effective method of dealing with this health problem. Additionally, VR technology helps treat patients with chronic pain along with anxiety, stress, and post-traumatic stress disorder. 

    And that is only the tip of the iceberg. The potential of VR technology can extend far from this in the area of medical healthcare. A few other significant uses include students and doctors using VR simulations to sharpen their skills in treating patients with complex heart and brain surgeries. VR tech can also encourage people to exercise in their homes and assist children with autism by helping them find ways to connect with the world. 

    As a result, the healthcare industry is betting heavily on this fantastic technology. Also, the numbers tell that, by 2025, the participation of virtual reality in the healthcare industry will exceed more than $5 billion in the United States only. Hence, VR is good news for both the patients and the people working in the healthcare industry. 

    The Growing Role of Artificial Intelligence 

    Artificial intelligence has the potential to be the next big thing in the healthcare industry. It is because, once you input the medical data into an AI algorithm, it can effectively design treatment routines, formulate medications, mine similar medical records faster than any medical professional in the healthcare industry. 

    In 2015, Atomwise developed a virtual search platform for compatible and safe medicines that can be re-engineered and re-designed to treat the deadly Ebola Virus. What they found was not one but two drugs that could critically lower the effects of Ebola. 

    Do you know about the recent technological advancements of the world of technology, Google’s DeepMind AI? It helps in the treatment of breast cancer. Surprisingly the algorithm exceeded everyone’s expectations in the healthcare industry by outperforming all human counterparts, on an average by 11 percent. 

    However, these are only two AI examples that have quickly made a name for themselves, and many more are in the development stage. And something tells us that this is just the beginning.

    Smartwatches and Other Healthcare Trackers

    Leaving smartwatches and other significant healthcare trackers from this list is almost impossible. With these excellent pieces of technology, you can take care of your health without any hassle. They provide you with all the crucial data that you need to cultivate for living a healthy lifestyle. 

    According to your age and other vital stats, you can adjust your everyday calorie intake and the number of calories you need to burn to stay healthy. Also, they keep you aware of your heart conditions and essential things you need to know to keep your mind and body relaxed. 

    To Sum it Up

    Your health is the one thing you’ll always need to take care of, be it your own or your loved ones. And to accomplish this vital matter, the need for technology can not be overstated, and mentioned above are some of the most significant technological advancements that are improving our lives daily. Plus, helping us to create a healthier lifestyle in the future. Hence, the sooner you include these technological advancements in your personal health routine the better it is for your well-being.