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How tennis is great for your physical and mental health

    Whether you play football, basketball or any other game, you must have felt relaxed after you are done playing. Why is it so? Because, sports have a good and positive impact on our brain which makes our mind relax. The same thing also applies to tennis. Tennis is a game which involves running, jumping, sprinting, sideways and lateral movements around the court. These things not only help you to maintain your shape but also help you in developing some very good attributes.

    Tennis is a very health sport and often you will see tennis players as one of the fittest athletes. Have you ever looked at those WTA Tennis Scores. They play forever. What’s the reason? It’s the nature of the game. From upper body to lower body, each and every part of the body is utilized in making one shot. And what is a better way of playing tennis with your new tennis grips that are even considered Vegan Sports Gear. Check it out now.

    So, how tennis is great for your physical and mental health. Let’s have a look.

    Tennis is a whole-body workout

    Choose one thing, going to gym or going to play tennis. In which activity you’ll sweat more. It’s tennis. Tennis is a complete workout for the whole body. Running, sprinting, and hitting will give you a complete workout that is needed for you to keep you fit. As tennis is a good form of exercise, your body will get in good shape.

    Improves flexibility

    Tennis makes your body flexible. Every time the ball is hit, your whole body is involved. Your feet are always in a constant motion and you are running, stretching, and twisting your body, thus making you more flexible than before.

    Improves aerobic and anaerobic health

    Tennis increases your oxygen intake, which gets the heart rate up. Faster breathing from running delivers more oxygen to the brain. Anaerobic health is developed by the quick spurts of energy for explosive power and quick, reactive movements.

    Helps you in alleviating stress

    One of the obvious benefits of tennis is it helps you in releasing your daily stress. Human brain is the most complex thing in the world and it gets stressed with our daily routine and working. One of the best ways to remove our daily stress is to have some sort of exercise and as mentioned earlier, tennis is a great way of doing exercise. Playing tennis will help you to release your stress and makes you feel more relaxed.

    Makes you good at decision making

    Imagine you are playing tennis, how much of your muscles are involved in hitting one shot? Hundreds of them. From your hands to feet, your whole body is involved in shot making. How many small decisions you take while hitting on shot? Many of them. This include where to hit the ball, how to change the direction, where to run, where to sprint, what shot to hit are some of few. Thus, making you good at decision making.

    Increase mental alertness

    If you play tennis, there is one thing for sure that you can’t be relax until the ball is out of the court. It makes you to be involved until the point is done. Thus, making your mind alert every time. Since exercise is a great way to alleviate stress and increase energy levels, a regular exercise routine will enhance mental alertness and can improve overall mental health.

    Makes you confident

    Tennis is a game of movements. You have to be on your feet every time until the point is done. Thus, involving your lower body and upper body all along the way, giving you a strong and athletic figure, which in turn makes you confident about your personality.