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How the right nutritionist can help you achieve your fitness goals

    Ask around and you will find that most people in the world would better manage their money than their nutrition and exercise. People will find the best money manager, research several books and debate for uncountable hours to safely park a few hundred dollars but when it comes to nutrition people still manage to operate with intuition rather than an expert. But that does not, even in the slightest, means that they will shy away from setting ambitious new year resolutions. In young age investing time and effort to make more money makes sense; come old age fitness and health overtakes everyone’s priorities. 


    The statistics are staggering. According to, around 28.5 percent of people aged sixty five and above in the United States were obese in 2019. And if you look at the chart on the same website from 2013 to 2019, figures have consistently risen. Obesity in itself is less of a problem but the dangers that it envelops beneath its ugly face are pure horror. With obesity, your heart suffers an undue pressure to perform in order to ensure that your body performs optimally. Increased blood pressure, diabetes are all mere side effects of this pandemic. 


    In order to counter the ill-effects of obesity, physical activity and exercise play a very important role. But we must not forget the golden ratio of 70: 30. 70% diet and 30% exercise. All this is common knowledge. If you have struggled to follow this, that’s when a nutritionist might come to your rescue. In this age of social media and the internet it is easy to locate a popular nutritionist, but it is still difficult to find a nutritionist that will fit your bill. As a rule then you must consult a Primary Medical Care Center for Seniors in Miramar, if you are a resident of South Florida. 


    Before you consult a nutritionist, here’s a low-down on special nutrient needs of older adults,


    Calcium and Vitamin D

    A no brainer, to be honest. As you age the bones develop osteoporosis- where they become brittle. Consumption of Calcium and Vitamin D in this very combination helps develop the bones. Make green veggies and fruits your best friends as they are power-packed with a ton of nutrients apart from calcium. Sun is the best source of Vitamin D. 


    Vitamin B 12 

    Not all senior adults were created equal. Some of them have difficulty in absorbing Vitamin B12. In these cases, the gift of food technology is here to rescue you. Fortified food products such as cereals, and also supplements can be taken in complement to a healthy diet. 


    Dietary Fiber

    When they say that all diseases originate in the stomach they are not entirely wrong. And when they say that dietary fiber is the fuel of a stomach in great shape, they are absolutely correct. Dietary fiber not only helps in digestion but also reduces risk of heart diseases and type 2 diabetes.



    An essential element in many fruits, vegetables and beans, potassium is the perfect antidote to sodium. Potassium when taken in the correct amount limits the risk of high blood pressure. 



    Fats from selected sources such as nuts, fish, avocado and seeds does you plenty of good. Choosing foods with low saturated and trans fat will put you in a healthy league of your own.


    With this knowledge of the right nutrition, you can knock on the doors of a reputed Primary Dedicated Medical Care Center for Seniors in Miramar and your call will be answered. Always remember to check your insurance coverage for a pocket friendly approach to the right nutrition.