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How to Avoid the Dentist (the Right Way)

    If you have dental anxiety, going to the dentist makes you a little nuts. Still you need to go.  You can’t let your teeth just rot in your mouth.  Avoiding the dentist is sure to get worse with every year that passes.


    Instead you need to think proactively.  Obviously you want to brush your teeth three times a day and floss every day as well.  What else can you do? Well, did you know that another way is to avoid the foods that cause plaque?  


    You can avoid these foods, reduce plaque buildup and ensure that your trips to the dentist are less stressful, faster and more positive. That ought to help your dental anxiety as well as your smile. 


    Watch Out for Acidic and/or Sweet Fruits


    There are many wonderful foods that are good for your body, but not so good for your teeth. This includes many fruits and berries.  You can solve this problem by being vigilant. If you eat berries, citrus, and other yummy natural fruits or if you drink smoothies made with these fruits, realize that you need to quickly rinse your teeth with water. If that water is fluoridated, that’s even more positive.


    Then make sure to brush your teeth and floss to catch any bits left behind.  Be aware that the dentist may suggest you cut back if you are over-indulging on these sweet treats that just happen to be natural. 


    Avoid Sticky Foods


    Not only do you want to avoid sweets, you want to avoid those types of sweets that last longest in your mouth. This includes hard candies like peppermints, lollipops, and even cough drops. It also includes sticky foods like taffy, toffee and caramel.  Starchy foods often have the same dangers, whether it is potato chips or soft bread.   A good rule is: if it sticks to your teeth while you are eating it, it isn’t good for your teeth.


    Skip Sweets, Especially Between Meals


    Beyond that, you want to reduce your daily intake of sweet foods of all kinds.  If you do eat sweets, try to rinse your mouth afterwards and brush your teeth as soon as you can. Furthermore, if you must eat sweets, eat them with a meal.  Your saliva is already flowing and that makes it harder for sweets to stick.


    Don’t Drink Soda


    Carbonated soft drinks are especially bad because they contain phosphoric acid and citric acid.  That’s right, even the ones without sugar aren’t good for your teeth.  And the ones with sugar are just horrible!


    Get Help with Medications


    If your medications dry out your mouth, you may need a prescription for a fluoride rinse or gel to preserve your teeth. This is especially important because saliva is your natural defense against plaque, cavities and tooth loss.


    Avoid Alcohol and Drugs


    Alcohol eats away at tooth enamel. It dries out your mouth and encourages plaque growth.   Different types of illegal drugs, particularly meth, will outright eat away at your teeth.  More than these dangers, users should realize that drunkenness or drug addiction causes people to make poor food choices. Further, people who are drunk or high simply don’t brush their teeth on a regular schedule. 


    Don’t Smoke


    Tobacco isn’t good for your teeth. It isn’t good for your oral health and is the number one cause of mouth cancer. Needless to say, it impacts your teeth.  So, skip the cigarettes and expect to have better visits to the dentist.


    Now that you know, do what you can to avoid the dentist the right way!  Then when you do go every six months, it will be a shorter visit with less bad news and faster cleanings.