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How to bath for your health after playing sport?

    Upon getting out of the match after a gripping game, you will certainly want to get out of your sweaty gear with a shower as well. Having a bath when your body is all drained with all the acute physical activities is very relaxing, not  to mention it reduces many risks caused by bacteria that cling on your skin while you are running around on the field. 

    Hence, a quick shower would sound pretty tempting for you. However, you should not just jump right into it as immediately drenching yourself when your body has not been released from the adrenaline can do more harm than good.  So, take note of our advice so you can have a refreshing time while staying out of potential danger.

    Take Time For A Cool-down

    Yes, as unpleasant it might sound, it is recommended to wait for at least half an hour after your workout ended before taking a shower.

    Relaxing in a bath after burning so much calories is the best feeling

    We lost you at this? It is not that hard to figure out if you pay it some thought. A cool-down is very crucial because your body needs time to come down from the athlete state to regular state. In simpler terms, it helps to reduce your heart rate to a normal level and normalize your body temperature.

    If you are not into the idea of waiting that long while being soaked in body fluid use this free time to rehydrate your body by taking water. Once you stop sweating, you can hit the shower as it is the sign that your body is ready.

    Coldwater first, hot water later

    No longer feel your heart racing? Good! Now you can get cleaned, but bear in mind these rules of thumb when turning on the water.

    Firstly, you will want to start with a cold shower to decrease inflammation of your muscles, joints, and tendons because exercise makes them swollen. Also, water of low temperature will aid in decreasing blood flow, as well as relieving the pain. This process is like using ice on an injury, and would be able to bring a soothing feeling to your mind. Doing this is very important for recovery after a hard workout.

    The next thing to do is to switch to a hot water shower. This helps improve muscles and joints recovery, remove all potential inflammatory cells, scar tissue, or dead cells, etc. Thanks to it, even when you have gone through a fierce battle on the field, your physical and mental state will be back to their peak in no time. 

    Besides, changing from cold state to hot state helps with possible stiffness as the muscles will be relaxing. Furthermore, the cold-to-hot process also improves the mobility of your body structures.

    Speaking of the cold-to-hot process, not many bathrooms are built to facilitate it. Thus, it is advised that your smart bathroom should have features that change shower state from cold to hot, and vice versa.

    Final Words

    Recovery after playing sports is essential for everyone, and taking a bath is one  the ways that works best for your body. After reading this article, we hope that you have one more method to recover your muscles. But don’t rush! This can take time for the effect to eventually kick in.

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