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How to Be Healthier at Work

    Being healthy is one of the most important things in life. 

    Taking care of yourself helps you maintain a far higher quality of life. It lets you move better, feel better, and ultimately, enjoy your existence more.

    But while most people understand the value of health, they still struggle to make time for health-promoting activities. They live busy, chaotic lives that make it feel impossible to prioritize taking care of themselves.

    The difficulty of taking care of yourself when you live a hectic life shouldn’t be understated. It can be genuinely hard to prioritize yourself when you have to tend to a million different stressful things every day.

    But that doesn’t mean you can’t improve things. You can still enjoy many of the benefits of a healthier lifestyle, even if your schedule is crazy.

    It all comes down to finding ways to make healthy living easier on you. 

    There are many areas of life that can be made more health-conscious, but one of the biggest is work.

    Why Prioritize Making Work Healthier?

    Work is one of the biggest aspects of modern life. Many of us spend a good majority of our daily lives working at our jobs

    This simple fact is why it’s so important and beneficial to improve the health-promoting activities we do at work. 

    The more of our day is spent working, the more the nature of that work impacts our health.

    If you spend the whole day extremely sedentary and stressed out, that is going to quickly have a negative impact on your life. 

    On the flip side, if you’re able to live a more balanced life while you’re at work, you’ll likely notice the benefits quite quickly.

    How to Make Your Work Healthier

    There are a few simple but highly-effective ways to make your work better for you.

    The first is to get up and walk around a bit. 

    Most people understand that sitting all day is bad. It can lead to tight muscles, lower back pain, fogginess, and weight gain.

    But most office workers don’t have the luxury of taking a long walk in the middle of the work day. As such, they resign themselves to sitting.

    There’s a solution though: break your long walk up into short periods of movement.

    If you can take a quick lap around the office every hour, you’ll break up the sitting, stretch your muscles, and get your blood flowing. Even just a minute of moving can have significant benefits compared to sitting for eight hours straight.

    Additionally, bringing your lunch can make your work day much healthier. Many people are so overwhelmed by their work that they simply grab the nearest available option on their lunch break.

    This almost always results in poor dietary choices. Fast, convenient food is rarely the healthiest option.

    Prepping something as simple as a sandwich for work can drastically reduce the amount of calories and saturated fat you end up eating, helping you stay fit and protect against heart disease. 

    Finally, working somewhere that values its employees can drastically reduce your stress. This is so important that ESG compliance factors in a business’s treatment of its employees when evaluating a business.

    Stress has been shown to seriously harm both physical and mental health. That’s why industry leaders are prioritizing balance in the lives of their employees. 

    One of the biggest sources of stress is being overworked.

    Finding a job that values you enough to maintain a solid work-life balance will keep you from accumulating stress, ultimately making you a healthier, happier person.