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How to Be Safe When Buying Prescription Drugs from Online Pharmacy

    An online pharmacy is an internet vendor of prescription drugs, and name encompasses those that are licensed and those that are not. Medications are usually cheaper in online medicine delivery stores than drugstores since they can cater to the needs of a considerable number of clients from one central location and therefore save money that should have been spent on a network of pharmacies. Online pharmacies deliver the prescription to to their customers through the mail or shipping companies.

    Are there Downsides to Buying from Online Pharmacies?

    Are you considering buying prescription drugs from online pharmacies to save money? With the rising cost of prescription drugs and you can set you back hundreds of dollars per month if you do not have health insurance. Buying online, thus seems tempting since it is cost effective. However, there are many precautions you have to observe to avoid falling a victim of stores that are not safe or dependable.A recent review of online pharmacies showed that  96% are not operating in line with the law. Moreover, going through innumerable vendors online can be quite exhausting, and identifying legitimate ones you can trust with your health can be more complicated with all the Adverts and media buzz.  

    Also, the FDA has warned that there might be some dangers associated with buying prescription online. There are many advantages of using online pharmacies, with the privacy and convenience being the foremost. While many were able to get the help they need to maintain their health and are satisfied; many people have been harmed with the fraudulent activities of some stores who are out to extort people using online pharmacies. Before buying from an online pharmacy,there are checks you should carry out to recognize a safe online pharmacy. In addition to the health risks, other things one might encounter when dealing with some online pharmacies are hidden fees added to drugs prices, unlicensed pharmacies and failure to protect client’s personal and financial information.

    How to Be Safe?

    With many drug stores online, how can you determine whether the online store you are purchasing from is safe? There are many ways to protect yourself regarding buying prescriptions online. The following tips would help avoid monetary loss and potential risks to your health:

    Purchase Your Prescription from Licensed Pharmacy
    When you purchase drugs online, the probability of not knowing much about the company you are buying from is high, so you cannot be 100% certain of what you are getting. According to the NABP, many websites like protects your privacy, offer convenience and sell genuine health products, but some are frauds who putup for sale, harmful drugs which have not been certified safe by any regulatory body. Some of these sites even pose as legitimate, their activities says otherwise. A report by the centre for safe internet Pharmacies revealed that average of 20 illegal drug sitesis launched online every day. The FDA has warned that users should be wary of any site that sells unapproved drugs, drugs that are madewith the wrong active ingredients and those that contain harmful ingredients. Some of these illegal sites usuallyput up for sale, unapprovedmedicationsor drugs that contain the wrong active ingredients. They also sell medicines that have the incorrect quantity of the active ingredient, or drugs that contain harmful ingredients. That is why you must ascertain that the online pharmacy you choose has a license to deliver drugs within your state. During your background check, verify that the pharmacy is licensed as this is the essential thing very reputable drug selling company must have. If your store in the US, it is necessary to check if the site is VIPPS (Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites) Certified. Besides, you can verify if it is on NABP’s pharmacy verified websites or check if it has a .pharmacy URL. In the UK, you can check the credentials of your online pharmacy on

    Prescriptions Should Be Verified

    A legitimate online pharmacy should ask for proof of prescriptions and verify the authenticity before selling a drug. That is what sets it apart from just a drug market. That shows that they care about your health as well as their reputation. Does your online pharmacy ask for more than just your prescription, personal information and your credit card details at the point of registration? If they do not, something is fishy.  They would require more than that if they want to authenticate your prescription. Purchasing medicine from a site that sells prescription drugs without a prescription puts at risk. Also, be wary of online pharmacies that recommend drugs for the first time with no prior physical examination by your physician or a site that does not have a licensed pharmacist who can answer your questions. Medical practices have strict rules which every online pharmacy must meet, and those that adhere to these guidelines can be trusted. While you may find their process too rigid at the beginning, all the information you give them about your health will serve as an assurance that to you that they are legitimate.

    Be Cautious

    Though it is difficult to get reputable online pharmacies to trust with your prescriptions nowadays, you can do it if you are informed and cautious. You will minimise the risk to your health and also avoid financial loss when purchasing medicines. Just like any other thing in life, there are rules to observe when buying drugs online. Firstly, look for contact information. If you cannot find an address, phone number, or contact e-mail on the website, then the store is most likely illegitimate. Besides, you should make it a point of duty not to purchase prescription from the first pharmacy you see online without doing the necessary background checks.  Also, do not buymedicines without your doctor’s approval. Most importantly, be careful of any online pharmacy that offers prices that are “too good to be true” and those that don’t authenticate your prescription before selling drugs to you. There are many pros to buying medicines from online stores like meds4sure, and they are the most convenient way to get your prescriptions. You can take advantage of this futuristic and cheaper way of getting your medications if done properly.