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How to Become a Better Medical Student

    So, you’ve done it. You’ve taken the leap, listened to your family members, scoured the internet, done your research, and you’re finally a student in medicine. Well, congratulations! That’s the first step done. But what next?

    Laboratories, libraries, and lectures stand before you, and we’re sure that eventually you’ll find your way to the hospital or clinic. But between then and now lies a mountain to climb. You shouldn’t let it daunt you! It has been climbed by many before, but like a shrewd mountain climber you should be prepared. Nobody would start climbing Everest without ropes and supplies!

    You could spend your time as a model student, staying up late into the night reading the same books repeatedly in the hopes of retaining some information whilst binging on energy drinks and freezing up at the thought of an exam in two days’ time.  OR you can be the QUPI student. A QUPI student is ahead of the curve, using their time effectively, bringing better techniques to memorise scientific jargon and expanding their medical knowledge with an extensive library of exam style questions.

    QUPI (pronounced queue-pea) was founded and curated by medical students, so we know exactly what you’re going through. We know the mountains of textbooks you will be facing and the vast swathes of reading assignments that you’ll be given. We’ve already been through what you’re facing, so we thought we’d use our combined experience to help you along on the way!

    Burying your nose in one old textbook for weeks on end is really the old way to study. It’s true, textbooks have a valuable place in our field, but we believe in dynamic learning alongside them. It is much more fun—and effective— to watch important talks on YouTube and, of course, play on the go quizzes with QUPI. The more you enjoy and diversify your learning, the more you can engage your mind and help retain the knowledge that you need. Dare we say it, you might even find studying fun!

    QUPI has a collection of 10,000 questions to help in your journey of becoming a medical professional. You can download our app and practice on the go, so there’s no need to sit in a stuffy library or around irritating roommates. QUPI goes where you go and can be used from the coffee shop or park. 

    It will test your knowledge of various domains and fields, with many questions appropriate for your finals.

    When you’re tired of continuously flipping through your notes and memorising your medical books, and trust us, we know it’ll happen sooner rather than later—switch to QUPI! It gives you the ability to create your own, customisable quizzes to focus on areas that you still need to work on.

    So, you’ll be able to get familiar with the format of written exams, memorise the enormous amounts of knowledge required of you with ease and gain confidence that is irreplaceable during practical examinations.

    Being a medical student is hard but extremely rewarding. Nobody can do the work for you, but we know that with the right guidance, every student can go the whole way and pass their finals. To date we have helped thousands of users worldwide—the same thousands of users that you can compete and compare scores within the app, and the same users that represent the doctors of tomorrow.

    QUPI has fast and fun quizzes on all medical disciplines, helping change your studying experience and focusing your mind to retain all the medical knowledge that you’ll need during your time at school. We’re here to aid you as best we can, lift your knowledge to the next level and make your life a little easier.