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How to bulk and cut

    Nowadays we all love to be healthy and want to put on some muscle. But for building muscles, we have to eat right and heavy, besides we want the least amount of fat to be gained. Which is why bodybuilder and fitness models are using the bulking and cutting method for a long way back. This is one of the best ways to put on muscles and reduce the extra bit of fat that we gain while bulking. Consequently, when we match up the bulking and cutting with a weight training program, the results will surely mesmerizing. Therefore, in this article, we are going to inform you about the way you can do it, in addition, we will give you some extra bot of info about this program.


    Before starting it is important to know what is bulking and cutting?


    We already mentioned this method is appreciated by many fitness freaks for a long period of time, now the question is, How to bulk and cut, how does it work?


    In this method, you have to start with a bulking phase. It is also the easiest because you have to start eating. This phase involves eating a caloric surplus for sure, but you have to eat right. You have to intake more calories than your body needs regularly for doing your daily functions. Doing that allows you to build muscle. On the other hand, as you are eating surplus, you will also put on some fat as well. And then comes the follow-up phase cutting. Throughout the cutting phase, you will be in a calorie deficit that means you will be consuming fewer calories than your body wants. As a result, your body will have to take the remaining calories by itself and it will be taken from the fat. Doing this contentiously for a while, will help shed body fat and give you that lean and cut look you desire for.


    How to get started? 


    There is a term called TDEE, which is Total Daily Energy Expenditure, first, you have to know about yours. This is the calculation of your regular calorie count that you need to maintain your regular weight. It is measured according to your age, height, body fat percentage, the weight you are weighing, or want to have and other things. You can measure this by taking the help of the internet or any other instrument regarding this term.


    For instance, if we consider your TDEE is 2500 calories that mean at your age, height, weight, and activity level, you need to consume 2500 calories every day to stay the same weight. If your regular activity and calorie consumption remain the same, then you will not lose weight or gain any. It is also known as calorie maintenance. Using that measurement we will start this bilking and cutting method. Know as we know already, you have to start with the bulking, therefore, calculate your TDEE first. In this stage you have to increase your calorie intake. This means you have to eat more than you do, now the question is how much you have to increase? Because if you start overeating you will start losing muscles, under a layer of fat. One of the best ways that most of the followers of this method does is, they start taking 500 calories more than they do regularly. So, if you are requiring 2500 calories, then start taking 2500.


    After you are done bulking according to your desire weight, in maximum cases 12-15 pounds are enough, or highest 20 and you are felling that is have become more muscular than before, but you also have put on some fat that you want to get rid of, it is the time you start cutting. To cut, you have to be in a calorie deficit, which will now be consuming fewer calories than your TDEE. In this phase a good starting for cutting is also 500 calories less than your regular need. You have to lessen your fat consumption, increase your protein level according to your bodyweight you are weighing. After a while, you will start losing fat, but your muscles will not be in reduction that much.


    In both phases of weight, training is important. Remember, bulking and cutting is mainly for gaining muscles and shedding your body, not for weight loss.