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How To Calibrate A Digital Bathroom Scale

    Bathroom scales are important for managing weight and general wellbeing. Unlike manual bathroom scales that were popular in the 80s, digital scales simplify the process. Most people buy digital bathroom scales without thinking of how to improve the accuracy of measurements. However, this brief guide offers basic information for calibrating digital scales. Regardless of the brand, digital bathroom scales use similar techniques for calibrations.

    What Is A Digital Bathroom Scale?

    Have you seen a manual bathroom scale? The digital version is similar but uses a different method of operation. A scale for is a measuring device for weight, and custom-built scales are sold as bathroom accessories. However, manual scales are known for their wobbling, red dials. Most times, it occurs when users with poor vision try to bend and confirm the value of their weight.

    It’s a different case for the digital weight scales that have LCD screens. Generally, digital bathroom scales display the value of weight measurements in digits.

    Basic Information Before Calibrating Digital Bathroom Scales

    • Apart from digital bathroom scales, measuring tools need calibration. The process of calibration is when you compare measurement values from a specific device with a standard calibration chart. In measurement technology, it’s unprofessional to use uncalibrated tools because it could lead to erratic results.
    • While all scales must pass through regular calibration tests, the process should be well done. Well, weighing scales from manufacturers often come pre-calibrated. This pre-calibration will serve for a specific period.
    • You’ll need regular calibration tests because of the impacts of handling, use, and time. Don’t worry if you don’t understand calibration tests. Applying our guide’s information can prevent your digital bathroom scale from giving inaccurate results.

    Steps For Calibrating Digital Bathroom Scales

    • Determine the Weight Capacity

    There is a standard weight capacity for measuring tools like bathroom scales. If you know any object with a specific weight value, it will be ideal for your calibration test. Usually, dead weights and household items have their exact weight values written on them.

    Read the owner’s manual for your digital bathroom scale, and know the weight-measuring limit. It’s important to know that technical attributes of any digital scale.

    • Activate The Calibration Mode

    Press the power button, and allow the bathroom scale to prepare for its calibration process. Usually, manufacturers recommend users to switch on the digital bathroom scale at least 30 minutes before the process. Activate the calibration button (on the device), and follow the next instruction.

    Words like ‘Mode,’ ‘Cal/Mode,’ ‘Function,’ and ‘Cal,’ indicate how to start the calibration process of digital weight scales. Regardless of the bathroom scale’s brand, mode settings are activated with buttons.

    • Run Weight Tests

    Press the calibration mode button until the LCD of your digital scale display to ‘Cal,’ ‘0,’ or ‘000.’ However, you should only place the object with a specific weight value on the scale when it shows zero. It’s proper to place the object at the center for even distribution of its weight.

    To confirm this process; increase the load, and you’ll see an increase in value. Also, remove each load and notice a decrease in weight. During this process of load increase, you shouldn’t exceed the maximum load weight. Don’t feel uneasy when your device restarts after this process. The weight-measuring system needs a reboot to function optimally.

    • Step On The Scale And Confirm

    You have to wait for at least 60 seconds if the digital scale doesn’t come up automatically. Step on the scale to confirm the accuracy of its readings. Except it gives an inaccurate value after coming up, the scale’s calibration is successful. Otherwise, you should repeat these steps or ask a technician to check for damaged parts that need replacements.

    What Happens During The Process Of Calibration?

    During your digital bathroom scale’s calibration process, its load cells (a mechanism) are very sensitive. After it displays the zero value, the load cells register its first (known) weight. It will make necessary adjustments that align with the maximum weight of the scale. Calibration is a process of matching variable values against a standard value. Click here to see what others have to say about this.

    When To Replace An Old Digital Bathroom Scale

    When calibration fails, you should consider replacing your old digital bathroom scales after seeing these signs. However, most high-end bathroom scales with digital displays are durable. These signs might indicate poor product quality, misuse, or wear and tear.

    • Inaccurate readings from a different scale
    • Inconsistent readings
    • Damages from corrosion
    • Poor display (readability) of the LCD indicator


    Load cells are very important components of bathroom scales. The roles they play in other weight-measuring devices are significant too. To enjoy the accuracy of load cells, you should handle the bathroom scale properly. Dropping the device on a hard floor might cause a malfunction if it’s done carelessly.