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How to Care Your Contact Lenses

    If you wear acuvue multifocal 1 day contact lenses, you need to keep them in good condition to ensure your eyes remain healthy. Although there are different ways to care for your lenses depending on the type of contacts you have, the important principles of care and cleanliness that apply to all of them are similar. Unless your lenses are daily disposable, you need to make sure that you take good care of them, even in how you keep them whenever you’re not wearing them. If you’re experiencing difficulties, an accomplished eye doctor from Revision Optix will guide you on what to do. Contact them if you experience any difficulties.

    Caring for Your Lenses

    Whenever you clean your lenses, always make sure your hands are clean and dry. This should be the case before you take out or put in your contact lenses. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and dry them properly with a lint-free cloth or towel before handling your lenses. You don’t want any lint or fluff to get into your eyes, and if you’re wearing makeup, put your contact lenses in first, Take them out first before removing makeup.

    While cleaning your lenses, use the “rub and rinse” method, which is very effective. Clean your lenses by gently rubbing them to remove any buildup on the surface. Squirt a little multi-purpose or cleaning solution onto the palm of your hands and then place the lens in it. Rub them gently with your index finger, and rinse them with the solution. There are lens solutions that you will find on that will fit your eye care needs. Maximum care should be taken when putting in your lenses or taking them out. Ensure the lenses will not irritate your eyes, thus check them for debris or tears before you put them on. Ensure the lenses are on the right side out, as putting them in wrongly could irritate your eyes. If you’re struggling with this process, ask your physician for help. Take extra care if your fingernails are long and slightly ragged.

    Don’t use water or saliva to clean the lenses. Always ensure you use the correct contact lenses UK solution. Different types of lenses have different types of solutions. Listen to your doctor and read the label on the product. If you use hydrogen peroxide, ensure the lenses are completely dry before inserting them back in.

    Keep the Case Clean

    Every time you empty your cases after cleaning, refill it with a fresh new solution. Avoid topping up the old solution in the case, as it needs to be properly refreshed so it can be effective. Close the lid of the solution once you’re done and avoid touching the tip of the contact lens solution bottle. If you need to replace the solution, do it as per the instructions on the bottle. Clean the case as regularly as possible to keep it in good condition. Rinse it thoroughly with fresh solution and not water. Leave it open to dry in the air, and avoid using a towel or cloth to dry the case. Apart from keeping the case clean, replace it regularly.

    Wearing Lenses

    Don’t wear your lenses longer than recommended. If you’re uncertain how long the contact lenses should be worn, contact your eye doctor for guidance. You can even use a chart to make the tracking easier. Avoid sleeping in your lenses and remove them immediately if you find yourself drifting off to sleep when they are on.