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How to Change SodaStream Carbonators?

    When I first read sodastream reviews and bought my beautiful sodastream model after a thorough comparison, I thought changing sodastream carbonators would be a tedious practice. Well, it’s actually the easiest thing to do. Hopefully, this article will answer all your queries regarding how to change SodaStream carbonators.

    Note: You must have a replacement on hand. Exercise absolute caution when handling any pressurized canister. Pressurized CO2 bottles must be securely stored at room temperature. For repair information, refer to the owner’s instruction manual.  

    What You Will Need


    To swap sodastream carbonators, you will need sodastream beverage maker with 1-liter bottle and a replacement CO2 bottle.


    Confirm that the CO2 bottle has no carbonation left and is completely empty


    To confirm whether or not there is any carbonation left in the CO2 bottle, fill up the 1-liter bottle with cold water to the fill line. Connect the bottle to the system then press and hold the carbonating button until no more bubbles are visible in the bottle. If there are no visible bubbles in the bottle, it means the CO2 bottle is completely empty and replacement is necessary.


    Remove the Back Cover


    The SodaStream bottle usually has a back cover that needs to be removed before changing SodaStream carbonators. To remove this cover, insert your finger into the adjoining hole and pull the back cover outwards.


    Place the unit in position


    Now, place the unit in such a position that the backside is exposed. Having done this, press the silver button and hold it as you pull up on the top half using your other hand. If done properly, the top half and the bottom half will separate from each other to expose the empty CO2 bottle.


    Unscrew the Empty CO2 Bottle


    Once the empty CO2 bottle is exposed, hold the unit at the top and unscrew it. Remove it safely while taking care not to distort the other parts of the unit. The whole unit should remain intact before and after swapping carbonators.


    Get your new cylinder ready


    Once an empty SodaStream cylinder has successfully been taken out of the system, grab the replacement cylinder and detach the protective seal. Then, unscrew the plastic cap from the new cylinder.


    Insert the new cylinder into the unit


    Screw the new SodaStream cylinder into the top of the system until it becomes so tight. Place the upper part over the bottom of the SodaStream unit, and then slide it into place to ensure that the bottom and top portions are secured together. Put the back cover in its rightful place.


    Fill the 1-liter bottle with cold water


    Once the entire system is correctly assembled, fill up the 1-liter bottle with cold water to the fill line. Place the bottle on the unit and screw it tightly in place.


    Lastly, press the carbonation button on top of the system until the carbonation appears (indicated by bubbles). If the bubbles appear, then you are done. Voila!

    Final Thought:

    The advent of SodaStream has made sparkling water making a fun and exciting activity. Get a SodaStream model that suits your needs and start making better bubbles today. Enjoy a sparkling moment.