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How to Choose a Proper Sock Helper for the Disabled?

    Some people in their senior years are not able to put socks on their legs. For such people, sock helpers were made. In this article, we’ll tell you about this tool.

    What Are Sock Helpers?

    A sock helper is a smart, lightweight, and convenient device for people with limited mobility. It is two handles with a support frame, in which you should put your foot. 

    What Are Socks Helpers Made For?

    Putting on socks is a regular task for all of us. But have you ever thought that not everyone can quickly put on socks and go on business, to work or for an ordinary walk? This device was created to allow everyone to put on socks no sweat.

    Who Are Socks Helpers Made For?

    In general, the device can be useful to different categories of people, such as pregnant women, the elderly, people with disabilities, people with radiculitis, arthritis, or overweight, and people after surgery.

    But to a greater extent, these devices are used by people with disabilities, as it is very convenient and does not cause any discomfort.

    How to Choose the Best Sock Helper?

    Now there are a considerable number of socks helpers, but not each device can be right for you. The material from which the device is made is a key factor because your comfort depends on it. The adjustability and additional helpful features of the tool are no less important. When choosing a sock helper for elderly or disabled people, explore the pros and cons of each type, as well as video reviews of the device.

    How to Use Socks Helpers?

    There is a basic instruction:

    1. Pull a sock onto the frame.
    2. Grasp the holding handles.
    3. Insert your foot into the opening of the sock until it is entirely inside.
    4. Continue to pull up the handles until the sock is completely on your foot.

    You will find more detailed instructions following the link above.

    To summarize, we can say that a sock helper is an indispensable device for people who need help when dressing. It should be properly selected according to your requirements and needs.