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How to Choose the Best Rehab Facility For Your Needs

    Nearly 20 million adults in the United States suffered from a substance use disorder in 2020. 

    This number has only continued to rise but some places help with recovery in a healthy setting.

    If you struggle with addiction and want to find out, consider joining a rehabilitation center

    Continue reading if you want to learn more about seeking help for addiction and recovery! 

    Think About Your Goals & Needs

    Seeking help for drug addiction and alcohol problems isn’t so difficult once you think about your needs and goals.

    Depending on your substance problem, make sure that you go to a facility that specializes in treating people with the same addiction. While you consider this, think about all of the things you will need to successfully recover. 

    Many people recommend keeping a journal nearby to monitor your goals and what you want most in life. Keep this close at your long term rehab center. 

    Consider Inpatient & Outpatient

    Depending on the severity of your addiction problem, you may want to consider inpatient treatment.

    Inpatient treatment involves living onsite at the facility for constant care and monitoring. This is recommended if you are worried about withdrawal symptoms or not being able to cope with quitting. Many professionals recommend going this route. Especially if you are dealing with psychological or medical issues on top of the addiction. 

    Outpatient treatment involves sessions throughout the day that need to be attended. You do not have to live there to receive care. 

    Do Your Research

    There are many recovery centers available to choose from, which can make it overwhelming when deciding. 

    Do your research and look up online reviews of each center you are considering. This will give you insight as to how other’s experiences with the clinic have gone and how it worked for them. Keep in mind that you will likely have a unique experience no matter where you end up. 

    Another way to get information about recovery clinics is by talking to your doctors or therapists. Some people even ask friends if they know of any places. 

    Look at Available Therapies 

    Make sure that you take some time to research different therapies that could be effective in your treatment. 

    With the abundance of therapies, there is a treatment that comes in every form. This is helpful because professionals can use a variety of methods that they think will be most beneficial. Once you get into the clinic, a treatment plan will be made specifically for you. 

    Because people respond to treatment differently, there’ll be a program tailored for you to overcome drug and alcohol dependency. Noosa Confidential Mental Health Retreat and similar reliable facilities have personalized programs that provide a collaborative, therapeutic approach, combining traditional and alternative therapy and medical modalities to create holistic and sustainable results.

    Review Extra Amenities

    Some of the best rehab centers feel like 5-star resorts depending on where you go.

    Take a look at the rehab center amenities while you are doing your research and comparing options. Many centers will have exercise groups, creative groups, and expressive therapies. These will help keep you distracted and busy, on the path to recovery.  

    Keep in mind that the more amenities your center has, the more money it may cost. 

    How Do Drug Facilities Help Patients?

    1. Provide Several Therapies and Treatments

    A person suffering from substance abuse develops behavior that encourages self-destructive habits. This is what therapies target, eliminating these unhealthy lifestyles and creating routines that will help patients get back on track. Patients may receive one or several evidence-based addiction treatment therapy, such as:

    • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
    • Dialectal Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
    • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)
    • Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT)
    • Motivational Interviewing
    • Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT)

    Aside from these, there are alternative therapy options focusing on physical, mental, and emotional activities like:

    • Yoga
    • Meditation
    • Tai Chi
    • Pilates
    • Massage
    • Exercise routines
    1. Harbor A Safe And Supportive Environment

    Having a support group that fully understands what you’re going through is one of the most essential experiences one should have when going through rehabilitation. Thus, rehab facilities provide a supportive and safe environment. Whether you’re in an inpatient or outpatient program, they’ll help you connect with several group therapies that will help you create a network of support. They’ll be with you all throughout your journey and will be beside you when you’re struggling. 

    Rehabilitation facilities encourage the patients to not treat others as patients with sickness, but, instead, to treat them like family. They aim to be the network of support, trust, and encouragement for everyone.

    Seeking Help Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult 

    If you are seeking help for your addiction problems, look no further.

    With the help of this guide, you can choose the best place of recovery no matter where you are. Don’t be afraid to write down your goals and make sure they align with the center and your treatment plan.

    Many people are willing to help whether you are an outpatient or inpatient.