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How to choose the perfect coffee roasting machine?

    Since the domination of the coffee grinders there is a great need to purchase a coffee roasting machine, capable to roast adequately all the coffee beans you may have and wish to grind in a later stage. The coffee roasting machines are powerful devices that use special heating surfaces to roast the green coffee beans coming directly from the trees.

    This procedure may impose significant barriers to people that don’t exactly have the expertise to do it buy once you are accustomed with it there is no reason to buy ground coffee any more.

    The principles of roasting coffee in the roasting machines

    The roasting machine usually consists of a combustion chamber where the coffee beans are entered and rotate simultaneously so that they mix up together. The temperature in the chamber is gradually increasing to reach almost 200 degrees in a matter of hours. The secret here is to avoid the direct touch of the green coffee beans to the heated walls of the chamber.

    The flow of the heat becomes apparent through the air which is by far the most natural procedure to receive heating waves when you are roasting coffee. The temperature is important to increase in small increments in order not to overheat the coffee beans.

    Sometimes the rotating beans are changing color due to the internal chemical reactions that occur inside them. The water that naturally exists on the inside part of the green coffee beans is gradually evaporated and brings all the aroma and flavor to the top. The color of the beans is also switching to the well known dark brown and the beans are also undergoing the caramelization procedure.

    This is done due to the internal sugars that are apparent to the coffee beans and start forming the caramel which is of great importance for the flavor and the aroma of the coffee you are about to enjoy.

    Not to mention, that there is also another reaction coming up when heating the beans. This is the one that creates the carbon dioxide gas which forms the well-known crema of the espresso, mostly desired by the professional coffee lovers all around the world.

    What is the best roasting machine?

    For home use the most important aspect is to have the right coffee roasting machine for your individual needs. The roasting machine should work using the air heating flow and be compact enough so that you can carry it to every possible place you are going to need its services. For make a cup of fresh coffee you have to use an espresso machine that are most popular in the industry.

    The easy cleaning of the heating chamber is very important to be provided since most roasting machines do need intense cleaning if you want to enjoy the most aromatic coffee ever tried. The cleaning process may require only natural products based in soap and water so that the natural extracts of the green coffee beans are not disrupted by any other chemical substance.

    On the other hand, the metal blades on the heating chamber should be easily removable so that you can get them cleaned thoroughly. The blades need not to be stunned with the coffee beans residues and should be always clean and ready to rotate the fresh coffee beans. The walls of the chambers are better to retain their solid status so that you never miss any heated-up coffee bean.

    Taking advantage of the heating process of the green coffee beans, there is also great gravity on the combustion chamber of the device. Either using gas, coal or electricity the chamber needs to be replaced every once in a while, since the thermal activity may corrode its structure. The most important aspect is to choose the most eco-friendly power source so that you can always respect the environment when enjoying your favorite coffee.

    Finally, the best coffee roasting machine is the one having a timer on it. The timer is easy to install and can relieve you from the headache of being present to all the roasting process by yourself. When the bell rings you will know that your coffee beans are roasted to perfection and you are ready to cool them off in order to grind them and produce the best filter or espresso coffee available.


    The coffee beans roasting could be a complex procedure if you don’t use the latest state of the art coffee roasting machine. The thermal transmission through the mass of the beans needs to be done with extra care so that you can preserve all the aroma and the flavor that is hidden in the green coffee beans.

    When you will have them ready then you will fill up with joy. The roasted coffee beans are diffusing the most tempting coffee flavor and you will be glad to share it with your beloved ones. Give your self the best coffee roasting and thrive! If you are in looking for a high-quality coffee grinder then this coffee grinder from Krups is perfect for you.