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How to Choose the Right Endodontist for You

    You’ve been to the dentist and they have suggested it’s time you need to see an endodontist. You need some oral surgery or likely a root canal.

    Now you might like your dentist just fine, but you’ve never met this endodontist. Of course, the idea of a doctor doing surgery on your mouth that you’ve never met makes you feel some normal anxiety

    Are you considering looking around to find your own endodontist? Wondering where to begin or how to find a qualified and endodontist that’ll make you feel at ease?

    Read on for tips on how to find an endodontist near you.

    What Does an Endodontist Do?

    Before you can find an endodontist, you need to understand what they do. An endodontist is a kind of specialized dentist. 

    You know that when you go to the dentist, they clean your teeth, take x-rays and fill cavities as needed. Your regular dentist focuses on the outer layers of your teeth—the parts of your teeth you can see. 

    An endodontist, on the other hand, focuses on the tooth pulp or the soft interior part of your teeth. 

    Finding an Endodontist

    There are few things to consider when looking for an endodontist. Let’s take a closer look.

    Education and Training

    Ask your prospective endodontist about their education and training. You can also check a website like for information. 

    An endodontist attends four years of dental school. They are first trained as a dentist. Then they go on for two additional years of post-doctoral training in endodontics. 

    While in school they will learn the science of endodontics and must learn endodontic diagnosis, evaluation, problem-solving, decision-making, analysis, and treatment.


    You should ask your endodontist about their services and treatment plans. They should be using the most advanced in treatment technologies. 

    You might not be able to know if they are using the most current technology. Ask them to explain their treatment tools and procedures. This should help you get a picture of their procedures.

    Referrals and Reviews

    If you need to see an endodontist, you probably have a referral from your regular dentist. Ask why they are choosing to recommend this particular doctor. 

    You can also ask your friends and family if they have any experiences with local endodontists. 

    In today’s technology drive world, don’t be afraid to get online and read the experiences of other patients who have left reviews.

    Remember, if there are a few less-than-perfect reviews, take them with a grain of salt. Some people are just grumpy. Look for trends you see in the comments. This will give you a good picture of the experience you can expect. 


    It certainly takes a long time to become an endodontist. They have extensive schooling and training.

    Yet, don’t be afraid to ask how long they have practiced as an endodontist. It gives you a better idea of their level of experience in this role.

    Find the Best Endodontist in Your Area 

    Being told you need an endodontist is not the best news. It means you need some more advanced dental care. 

    This is all the more reason to find an endodontist you feel confident and comfortable with. 

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