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How to Choose the Right Shoes for your Feet

    Your feet carry all your weight, and predictably, when they feel comfortable, you feel comfortable. That’s why it’s very important to choose the right shoes for your feet. 


    But, how do you choose the right shoes for your feet? You can do this by ensuring you have your comfort at the forefront of your thinking as you go shoe shopping. Ensure you know your actual feet sizes and try to get shoes that would be immediately comfortable. 


    Tips on Choosing the Right Shoes for Your Feet


    There are a number of things you can do that will ensure you are able to pick the right shoes for you, and we have explained them for you. 


    Purpose of Shoe: When going shoe shopping, let the reason you want to get your new shoe be a deciding factor on what type of shoes you want to get. This will help you guard against impulse buying and ensure you make the best possible purchase.


    For example, if you’re shopping for work shoes for walking on concrete, you shouldn’t be aiming to get running shoes, except running shoes are allowed at your workplace. 


    Heel Support: The level of heel support a shoe gives you should also play on your mind when you’re going to get shoes. You should aim for shoes with minimal slippage, and you should also ensure your shoes have a locked in feel at the heels. 


    The locked-in feeling should be comfortable, and the heel of your shoes should be well cushioned so it helps you absorb the bulk of the shock when you’re walking. 


    Flexible and Breathable Upper: The material used for the upper of your shoe should be very flexible, and it should bend properly where your feet bend. You should also not have the feel of the side of your shoes being tight against your foot, as it is a matter of time before your shoes get torn. 


    The breathability of your shoe’s upper is yet another issue to look into as you plan to get the right shoes for your feet. A breathable upper ensures your feet won’t be sweaty and overly warm when you wear your shoes. 


    This quality is especially crucial for athletic shoes, and goes a long way towards determining the comfort level of the shoes for athletes. Your shoe’s upper should leave your feet dry and cool, even after many hours of use. 


    Arch Support: A shoe without appropriate arch support shouldn’t even be considered. We say this because shoes that lack arch support may lead to fallen arches and tendon tears, or even worse, plantar fasciitis. All these are synonymous with pain, a lot of it. And avoidable too.


    Use Your Larger Foot Size: Your two feet are not the same size. This fact is why we advise that you get your feet measured properly and accurately. 


    Once you know your feet measurements, use the larger one as the deciding measurement when you want to get yourself the right shoes. 


    Mind the Time You Go Shopping: The time you go shopping is also an important factor in how to choose the right shoes for your feet. This is because in the evening, your feet swell slightly from having been on your feet for the day. 


    Any shoe you try on at this time that is too tight, discard it and go for one that fits snugly or even one that is slightly larger. The comfort of your feet at the other parts of the day will prove that you made the right choice. 


    Benefits of Choosing the Right Shoes


    There are a number of benefits from choosing the right shoes for your feet, and we have discussed a few of them below. 


    Comfort: This is the litmus test of whether or not the shoe is the right one for you. Once you get the right shoe, it’s usually comfortable, and your feet will thank you for it. 


    Cushioning and Support: The right shoes for you will provide good levels of cushioning and support for your feet. Cushioning will help absorb the shock of walking, whilst support will make walking easier and more comfortable. 


    Boosts Self-Esteem and Sets You Up For a Great Day: It’s no secret that with comfortable feet, your outlook on your day is much more comfortable, and that sets you up for a great day. 


    Get the Right Shoes!


    Getting the right shoes for your feet is not a matter of luck, but one of precision and planning. Once you know your feet measurements, go ahead and use our tips on choosing the right shoes for your feet, and you’ll be returning home with a purchase you’ll be thoroughly happy with.