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How To Claim Child Disability Benefits?

    Your child might be entitled to receive medical and financial benefits if they suffer from a health condition like disability. Many parents look towards a social security income(SSI) benefit plan that helps them cover the disabled child’s medical and personal expenses. 

    If you want to apply for SSI for your child, it would be beneficial for you to seek legal assistance from Gallo, Cazort & Co. Law Firm. There are many instances where one would need legal supervision before they plan to claim disability benefits. Such is the case with claiming child disability benefits. 

    Before hiring an attorney for the claim, you must know the steps to claim child disability benefits. 

    1. Social Security Administration 

    The SSA is responsible for approving the child disability claims. If you want to apply for the assertion, you must visit your nearest local SSA office. Once you visit the office, you will be presented with various forms that should be filled out before the initial process. 

    You can also check out the process of forms and documentation online. For instance, you could start by reading more information about SSI online from their official website. If you still get confused with the first step, you can quickly contact Gallo, Cazort & Co. Law Firm, to ensure your application is filed. 

    1. Child disability reports 

    As a parent or an applicant, you should ask for the child disability starter kit from the SSA’s office. Do not forget to read the conditions and regulations stated in these manuals. Once you have read and understood the basics of the claim, you must fill out the child disability report. The child disability report would require you to fill out the essential details and information about your child. The applicant must fill out the mandatory information and the medical condition their child has been experiencing. 

    1. Appointment 

    Once you have filled out the reports and forms in the initial steps, you must contact SSA by calling them or scheduling an appointment in their office. After you get a scheduled date for the meeting, you will be asked to provide paperwork and other proof of your child’s disability. 

    The interview would consist of different questions about the child’s health condition and other information related to the child’s disability report. After completing the interview, you should apply for the claim with the SSA or contact a legal professional to apply on your behalf. 

    Once applied, it would be ideal for you to wait five or six months to hear from the SSA. Payments for your child’s benefits would likely be initiated during the waiting period. However, your child must be below 18 years of age to be eligible for the claim.