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How to Clean Your Gut: 7 Effective Ways to Reduce Bad Gut Bacteria

    With more than one-third of Americans eating fast food on a daily basis, it is no wonder that you need to clean your gut. Dashing in for a quick bite here and there can really add up.

    Bad gut bacteria can cause major health problems and make you feel sluggish and unmotivated.

    Many people haven’t been aware of the importance of gut health but it continues to come to the forefront. Continue reading this article to learn 7 ways you can reduce bad gut bacteria for a better life.

    Must-Know Facts When You Clean Your Gut

    If you notice you have an upset stomach a lot or that your weight changes unexpectedly, this can be a sign that you need to clean your gut. When you notice the signs, the faster you get to work on it, the sooner your health can move toward mending.

    1. Join a Wellness Center

    When you take part in activities at a wellness center, you’ll be more likely to take proper care of yourself. Having positive influences in your life makes more of a difference than most people think.

    Joining a wellness center will allow you to improve all areas of your life. Your wellness plays into all areas of your life including your finances and relationships.

    2. Goodbye Processed Foods

    Eating processed foods that are full of chemicals and other unhealthy ingredients will cause your body to have many problems including an unhappy gut.

    You can ensure that you’re staying away from processed foods by buying whole foods. Make sure your body has plenty of fiber going into it by eating vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans and other fiber-rich foods.

    3. Pay Attention to Food Allergies

    If your body is telling you it doesn’t do well with certain foods, you need to pay attention. Many people ignore their body’s signs because they love a certain type of food but you’re not doing yourself any favors.

    Even if you have mild food sensitivities, you should stay away from these types of food. They are going to hurt your body and cause you problems such as lack of sleep and discomfort.

    Some of the common foods that cause problems with people are dairy, yeast, gluten, corn, soy and eggs. If you think that you might have problems with one of these foods, try not eating them for a week or two and see how you feel.

    You should only test one food at a time so you know which one is the culprit and you can stop eating it altogether.

    4. Give Your Body Digestive Enzymes It Needs

    If you haven’t been eating well, your body likely doesn’t have the digestive enzymes it needs. When it doesn’t have enough digestive enzymes, your body won’t be able to convert foods into the fuel your body needs to run.

    You may need to take a supplement while you get your diet in order so your body can function the way that it needs to.

    5. Treat Any Infections

    While we don’t like to think about it, our bodies are likely the hosts of many bacteria and bugs that we don’t want or need there. If you have infections or an overgrowth of bugs, your body isn’t going to operate the way it should. 

    Your gut won’t work properly if it is filled with parasites, yeasts or unneeded small bowel bacteria. Even if you don’t want to think about it — you need to deal with it.

    6. Consume Good Fat

    Your body needs good fat. When you give your body the good fat it needs, you’ll notice a reduction in gut inflammation.

    7. Your Gut Lining Needs Healing

    Your gut lining needs healing. You can heal your gut lining by taking nutrients like zinc and glutamine.

    If you hear that you have a leaky gut, you should follow a diet plan that helps you heal it. Most of your water and nutrient absorption happens in the intestines and if things aren’t working well, you’re going to experience discomfort and lethargy.

    Healthy Is a Lifestyle

    If you think that you’re going to clean your gut and get on with your life, that isn’t how things work. You have to continually take care of yourself and maintain your gut health.

    Set small goals for your health so you can keep yourself motivated. If you don’t have goals in place, it can be difficult to know why you are eating healthy and denying yourself things you might have otherwise indulged in.

    Getting around other people that are cleaning their gut and staying on track to continue their health is a great way to make sure that you’re not overeating, eating the wrong things or staying too sedentary. Using a good soap to make sure your skin is free from bacteria can help keep you healthy overall.

    Focus on what you can add to your life that will make your life healthier vs all of the things that you can’t have. If you add things like fun hobbies that allow you to exercise or if you take up a healthy cooking class, both of these things can help you stay on track with your healthy lifestyle.

    Taking Care of Your Health

    Learning to clean your gut is just one part of taking care of your health and fitness. To have the best health possible, you need to make sure that you learn more about eating healthy, exercising and also taking care of your mental health.

    Visit our healthy recipes section and learn ways to eat well and avoid putting unhealthy food into your gut.