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How to Create a Diet Plan & Fitness Routine That’s Best for You

    Let’s face it. Keeping fit is not the easiest thing to learn from a book. Like, I can dare you to read 20 books on health and dieting right now and I think you’d still come back to me with your mouth wide open. Is keeping fit really that difficult? Does it really take so much from you? Well, I get how you feel and I’ve been through that same frustrating situation too. It’s hard to lose weight; it’s hard to watch your diet. It’s infuriating to have to control what and how much you can eat when you’re having the worst time of your life. And that’s all normal. If getting in shape was so easy, we would all be models and yoga instructors by now. Build the body of your dreams with

    But it’s not. And we constantly have to try our best to make sure that we don’t fall out too far from the tree.

    You see, it’s not “keeping fit” that’s difficult to do. It’s discipline. Yes, it’s very hard to teach ourselves discipline. After all, with all the tempting things around us, it’s easy to lose sight of the goal. I mean, who in their right mind would choose 300 backbreaking sit-ups over a bucket of popcorn and unlimited Netflix? Who would choose a day at the gym over a day of lounging in the house’s comfiest sofa? Lastly, who would prefer eating a bowl of steamed broccoli over a bowl of chocolate ice cream?

    No one – if we’re really being honest here.

    People generally don’t like being “limited.” They don’t like doing anything that involves hassle (read more). If given the chance, they would live life carefree – maybe even carelessly. But what pushes us to do things that we don’t normally do is awareness. We are aware that if we don’t take care of ourselves, we will suffer consequences. And we don’t like suffering from consequences, especially if it involves agony and pain.

    Not taking care of your health and well-being will eventually result in one thing: health problems. Yes, some of us may be a little slow to getting there and that’s why we tend to think everything is okay but trust me, we will all get there one way or another. Our bodies just have different timelines, that’s all. For example, a friend of yours who chugs a lot of beer and eats a lot of fat may develop hypertension at the age of 30. You, who is 32 (just an example) is living the exact same lifestyle and yet you’ve never felt healthier in your life. You must think of yourself as terribly lucky and you end up abusing your health even more. Now, you’re 35 and already have fallen prey to a severe stroke that you fortunately survived – but not without losing the mobility of half of your face though. What I’m trying to say is that we should never push our luck nor take our chances. Sure, we may not feel even slightly ill at this time, but continuous abuse of our bodies will undoubtedly end in health failure. And you know what? Not everyone gets lucky all the time. Some feel perfectly healthy today and just like that, they’re gone tomorrow.

    Health is wealth and we must treat it like so. Our bodies are precious and we don’t get a second one in this lifetime. This is why getting into shape is not just something you should go for when you have the time, it’s something you must do and make time for.

    Fret not; getting fit is easy when you know where to start. Before you even start picking out that sweet outfit for this summer, first you have to figure out how you’re going to accomplish that summer bod – not just for the pictures but for your health as well. To start, you need a fail proof diet plan and fitness routine. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered on this one!

    Making Your Own Diet Plan

    There are different approaches to creating your own diet plan but one thing is certain: What works for one person may or may not work for another person. It all comes down to preference and how well your body adapts to a certain dietary change. You have to find what clicks for you and work on it. You also have to consider your body type and the time it takes for your body to lose weight. What do I mean by this?

    Well, I have friends that don’t diet for a week and look fairly different – in terms of size, of course. Also, I have other friends who would go on a month-long diet and still look somewhat the same as they did before the diet. You see, each person’s body is wired differently and we process change differently. Dieting doesn’t always mean an immediate decrease in weight. Sometimes, certain people have to put in more effort because of the body type they’re born with. So as I said, when it comes to creating a diet plan, you have to really know yourself. It is also advisable that you jive things up every now and then just because nobody ever likes a boring diet & fitness plan. Cook your own food, follow your nutrition closely and cut back but never deprive.  

    Coming Up With a Fitness Routine

    Now, when it comes to exercising or workout routines, you have to find a rhythm or a schedule that works for you. Just because you’re trying to lose weight doesn’t mean you have to exercise 7 days a week. If you’re working, then you just might end up bombarding yourself with fatigue. Muscle cramps and strains are not all fun to have when you have to get up and go to work at seven in the morning. You can start with a twice or thrice a week routine so that you can make sure that your body gets enough rest in-betweens.

    Now, as for the exercise, it would depend on what you’re trying to achieve really. If you want to lose weight, cardio and dancercises are considered to be effective and fun. They are mostly full-body exercises too so you wouldn’t have to worry about missing out on some areas. If you’re after firming, then weight-lifting and climbing may be a better option since they really work your muscles. Anyway, just find something you’re comfortable with doing for starters. It’s best that you come to like exercising before you decide on doing anything specifically.