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How to Create a Luxury Spa Day at Home

    An at-home spa day after a long week is the perfect way to wind down after a long work week without having to break the bank. It’s a healthy way to pause and relax mentally as well as physically, especially if you’re someone who gets a lot of body aches and stiff joints and muscles. While the warm soak heals your body; reading a good book, daydreaming, or counting your blessings eliminates all the negativity piling up on your mind.  Additionally, the quality of sleep after a soothing time spent alone, away from technology and other people is remarkable.

    How to Have a Spa Day at Home

    Since you can never go wrong with a warm bath; start the preparations by running a bath with your favorite bubble bath and bath salt. Bath salts contain minerals that are good for ‘softening’ hard water and healing muscle injuries and bubble baths insulate the water along with the amusement factor; if you’re not a bubble bath person, buy yourself a bath bomb for the visuals. Additionally, the bath also detoxes your skin and opens up your pores for deep cleaning.

    To set an ambient mood in the room, light a scented candles gift set and turn off the artificial lights. Aromatherapy has been shown to reduce nausea, pain, body aches, anxiety, stress, and depression. If you choose the right candle scent, you can achieve your desired aromatherapy benefits. To restore your emotional balance, opt for cedarwood or sandalwood, for deep sleep, choose lavender and go for rose if you’re feeling luxurious. Next, put on some relaxing music to let your thoughts escape your mind.

    If you’re having trouble relaxing your mind, consider meditating for a few minutes until you feel calm enough to actually enjoy your spa. The whole point of a home spa day is to have a good time, not force it. Dry brushing before the bath can also help with relaxation as it takes the blood away from your brain to the stimulated skin. It is great for improving blood flow to the skin and skin regeneration to reduce cellulite and scars.

    The snacks and drinks at the spa are an absolute treat! Don’t forget to pour yourself your favorite drink and put a couple of snacks and some fruit on your bath caddy before you get in. If your face is acting up, put on a face mask; masks with salicylic acids, AHAs, BHAs, PHAs, and tea tree oil are great for acne whereas charcoal and clay ones help excessively oily skin and soothing masks with oat are great for dry, sensitive skin; the same ingredients are great in body scrubs if you’re using one to clean up. Lastly, show some love to your hair and put in a nourishing hair mask or oil to bring back the shine and replenish nutrients. When everything is ready to go, grab your drink and book and finally soak in relaxation.

    How to End the Spa Day

    You’re probably ready for a deep sleep after the spa session however, for the cherry on top; consider using a handheld massager if you have one available to you, it’s pure bliss for your body. Try not to go back to using screens before bed as it will bring you back to the reality you just escaped from.

    If you have cracked feet, the warm water will soften the skin and you can gently scrub the dead skin off with a pumice stone. For dry skin, consider a massage with a light body oil that will both nourish and rejuvenate your skin. For sculpting your face and getting the blood flowing, gua sha stones are worth the money.

    If it’s hot out, turn the room temperature down and dim all the lights so that your body starts producing melatonin and the slight cold allows you to get cozy in your blanket. Grab another warm drink if you feel like it; chamomile and lavender tea are great for relaxation but by all means, go for a big mug of hot chocolate if that’s what you feel like having, just remember to also drink a glass of water so that you’re not dehydrated before you sink into your pillows for the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had.