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How to Detox Your Health: Top 5 Tips

    When it comes to detoxification, here is one secret you should know; your body is already trying to detoxify itself. All you have to do is put it in the right position to do so effectively and not make the work harder. When you do this, your body will naturally get rid of any toxins without the need for additional medications or drugs. 

    Basically, detoxification is all about ridding your blood of toxins. The liver is the main organ responsible for removing blood impurities and eliminating them. The kidney, intestines, lymphatic system, lungs, and skin also participate in detoxification. 

    When any of these systems are compromised or when toxin consumption outmatches the rate of elimination, the body’s ability to filter impurities effectively may be adversely affected. The following are some of the tips to follow to help your body carry out a toxin rid effectively. 

    1. Drink More Water 

    The role of water in detoxification cannot be overemphasized. Water is an important ingredient for a wide range of metabolic processes, including digestion, nutrient absorption, temperature regulation, and of course, detoxification or waste removal. Water helps in transporting waste products that the body produces daily and eliminates them in your urine, breath, and when you sweat. 

    Drinking enough water ensures that the body carries out these processes effectively. Although the advice to take eight glasses of water daily has been busted as a myth, adequate daily water intake is still very much recommended. How much you need in the long run depends on your diet, lifestyle choices, and activity level. And even if you don’t like to drink plain water, consider other fluid sources like lemon water, herbal teas, and so on. 

    2. Exercise Regularly 

    When most people hear about exercise, they commonly associate it with weight loss. But you don’t have to be overweight to exercise regularly. There are several health benefits of regularly exercising over living a sedentary lifestyle. Exercising aids your body’s metabolic processes and will help burn through a deposit of potentially toxic chemical deposits faster and more efficiently. This can also help your body’s natural detoxification processes. Generally, experts recommend at least 150-300 minutes of moderate-intensive exercise weekly. You can also opt for 75-150 minutes of high impact workout instead. 

    3. Get Good Sleep 

    Good sleep is your body’s version of the “reset” button, and the impact of this nightly routine on your body’s ability to get rid of toxins cannot be overemphasized. When you sleep, your body takes the time to recharge itself and remove toxic by-products of your daily activities. Sleep deprivation or poor sleep quality can impact your body’s ability to perform these functions efficiently leading to a wide range of short and long-term health consequences due to a build-up of dangerous levels of toxins. Experts recommend an average of 9 hours of good sleep per night for good health and effective toxin elimination. 

    4. Limit Alcohol, Sugar, Salt, and Toxic Oils 

    This warning applies to every food and drinks substance with constituents that may be considered toxic to the body. Your liver works overtime to get rid of toxins or convert them to forms that are harmless to your body. Excessive consumption of alcohol is one of the ways you inadvertently strain your body’s toxin elimination system. Cut down on alcohol as much as possible. 

    Some oils such as vegetable, canola, and sunflower oil also contain chemicals that may be considered toxic to the other. It is recommended that you do for the healthier alternatives of these oils. It is also recommended that you stay away from processed sugar, sugary beverages, and processed or junky food in general. 

    Similarly, while salt is generally beneficial to the body, excessive consumption of salt can affect the natural detoxification process. It tips your body’s homeostatic balance, causing the systems to retain too much water. 

    5. Watch Your Diet

    Eat food that aids your body’s ability to detoxify itself. On a general note, this would involve eating more healthily. But more specifically, you will have to adjust your diet to include foods rich in antioxidants and prebiotics. A diet rich in prebiotics helps to keep your digestive system healthy. It improves the balance between good and bad bacteria in the guts, which is essential for keeping the gut toxin level under control. 

    Antioxidants, on the other hand, help to get rid of some toxins, which are by-products of the body’s natural activities like breathing and digestion. Free radicals are the cause of various diseases, including some types of cancer. Antioxidants like vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, lutein, lycopene, and so on may reduce the risk of diseases that affect the body’s ability to detoxify itself.


    Daily, your body is exposed to various potentially toxic chemicals ingested through your food, water, air, cleaning products, and pretty much everything around you. Allowing these toxins to build up unchecked in your body can give rise to a wide range of issues. Following these tips will aid your body’s ability to get rid of these toxins effectively.