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How to do Longboard Dancing | Pro Tricks Very Easy Way

    Longboard dancing is very famous nowadays for smart people. If you are interested in this sport and you are a new one in this, then this article is written for you.

    You will know here the definition of longboard dancing, most four popular techniques, safety tips, tricks and many more of this. Mainly we will show you “How to do longboard dancing?”

    This sport mainly came from walking in a longboard. It needs a lot of spinning and walking skills. So, firstly you need to be skilled about walking on longboards. 

    You have to be aware of while buying a longboard. For dancing on a longboard, you need a massive deck. With a little deck, you can do so but with a massive one, you can apply your tricks more smoothly. 

    A longboard which is the length of 45 inches and the width of up to 12 inches is used for longboard dancing. You can also check out the best longboard trucks and the best longboard wheels

    Well, now it’s time to go to the main topic where I will discuss the most popular techniques of a longboard.

    • The Cross Step

    The first basic step is the cross step for longboard dancing. It will create S type of shape while stepping up or down and back or forth.

    Start in a natural riding position with your back foot on the bolts. You have to move your shoulder forward. Bring the front foot back and touch the back foot so both feet are close together. Remember to transfer your weight to the front foot.

    Next, you have to move back your foot forwards and cross the front foot. Continue repeating with the back foot around the front foot.

    Switch your weight on the longboard, while both of your feet are close to the hillside to make the longboard carve.

    As this is the first basic trick of longboard dancing, so learning this step you will have much more balance control. 

    • The Ghost Ride Step 

    This is one of the complicated moves for dancing on a longboard, but it is very famous. The idea is kind of similar to a cross-step move. 

    Like Cross step, position your feet in a normal posture. You will step out of the board with the back foot and at the same time move the board forward with your front feet. Then take one or more steps out of the board, when it will roll behind you again bring your feet onto the board.

    You have to practice it for doing it smoothly so that it can’t highlight your hopping out of the board. 

    Your front foot will help to push and continue moving the board in speed. When your front feet will touch the ground, bring back the back feet on the board. Repeat this process.

    • The Peter Pan Step 

    This step is the next movement of the Cross Step. But it will take a little more time to add more style to it. 

    In this technique, you have to put your front foot straight forward and then slide back the foot to the middle place of the board.

    Move your back foot forward to cross over the front foot and it will be equally parallel to your front foot. While passing your two legs, you have to put both feet together for a better balance. 

    Again, bring your front foot behind the back foot and repeat to get a smooth result.

    Continue with your back foot, then again front foot, as many times as you want. Remember to transfer your weight on your legs proportionately. 

    • The Ghost Ride kickflip

    Firstly, position your feet in a normal posture again. Jump down the board with the front foot and step forward. Then your back foot will be on the middle of the board. 

    Next, you can put your back foot on the ground and raise the board with your foot top and flip it to 360 angels. This flipping trick is done by pulling up the board with jumping and knees in 90 degrees angel. When the full spin will be done you will jump on the longboard with both of your feet.

    Actually, you have to practice flipping the longboard firstly and smoothly. Then, it will be easy for you.


    Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you if you are interested in longboard dancing. These are the basic and popular techniques for longboard dancing. 

    Longboard dancing is beautiful, skilled, attractive style, smartness and trendy in worldwide. Both girls and boys are doing this sport simultaneously. 

    If you are a newbie, just be careful about your safety (wear helmet, knee pads, and gloves), moving carefully, and practice regularly for a better and smooth result. You must have to buy the proper size longboard. Now, practice and impress your family, friends with your skills. Enjoy!