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How To Eat Cereal Without Breaking Your Diet

    A timeless meal that has been faithful to you your whole life: Cereal. You have been eating cereal since you were a child. It may have been your go to breakfast before school, or Saturday morning while watching cartoons. It may have been your late night snack while studying in college for that huge exam. It quite possibly was a regular meal in college because that was the cheapest thing to eat. And as an adult, you still crave a bowl of cereal every now and then. However, you might be more aware of the sugar content in cereal that makes you a little more hesitant to eat it. What if there was cereal just like you had growing up, but had more protein and lower carbs? Well, this cereal does exist. Magic spoon cereal has taken all your favorite childhood cereals and transformed them into a cereal that doesn’t break your diet. You can enjoy the nostalgic feeling of your childhood bowl of cereal but be nice to your body all the same time. It’s about time, right?

    What’s the Difference?

    You are probably wondering how magic spoon cereal is different from the cereal you grew up eating. Well first, magic spoon cereal is keto friendly, which means it is a low carb meal that is higher in protein. It also is gluten free. That means magic spoon cereal is for everyone that had to give up their favorite childhood cereal because of a gluten intolerance. Magic spoon cereal takes it even further and makes the cereal grain free so there is no wheat, rice or soy ingredients included. One of the biggest reasons people have moved away from cereal as they moved into adulthood is the sugar content. Eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast could put you at your sugar limit for the day. Magic spoon cereal has zero grams of sugar. There is no cane sugar, corn syrup, or sugar alcohols added to make it sweet. Instead, a sweetener blend of allulose, stevia, and monk fruit extract gives magic spoon cereal just the right amount of sweet that it needs to satisfy. Unlike your childhood cereal, magic spoon cereal doesn’t have to break your diet and leave you feeling guilty after having cereal for dinner.

    For the Kids

    As an adult, it is nice to be able to enjoy a bowl of cereal that doesn’t send your glucose levels through the roof. You might be a little more aware and cautious about what you put into your body as opposed to when you were a kid. As a parent, you might be the one who has to be aware of what your child puts into their body. That is why magic spoon cereal can also benefit kids. They can have that bowl of cereal before school, and you can be satisfied knowing that they are getting way more protein than what traditional cereal offers. Your kids won’t be running on the fumes of a sugar high, but instead their bodies are getting the proper energy they need to thrive in their daily activities. And, your morning routine doesn’t change either. It’s still simply a bowl, their favorite magic spoon cereal, and a little bit of milk.

    For the College Kids

    Cereal is a perfect meal in college. It requires no cooking skill or much time to prepare. It’s easy to eat before a workout, between classes, and late at night when one is pulling an all-nighter to study for that exam. Magic Spoon cereal is the perfect item to include in your kid’s care package.  By sending them cereal, you are giving them the proper fuel that can help them make it through those long study nights. If you are a college student buying your own groceries, then throwing in a box of magic spoon cereal is an easy way to have a convenient meal that gives you the protein you need without all of the sugar and grains.

    For the Adults

    You are never too old for a bowl of cereal. You may have thought so considering the nutritional value that your childhood cereal lacked to offer. However, now you can enjoy a bowl of magic spoon cereal, guilt-free. A bowl of cereal in the morning before work, or a bowl of cereal because you don’t feel like cooking doesn’t have to break your diet. In fact, it can give you the necessary protein without the carbs that you might need in your day. No need to worry about gluten, sugar, or grain for those food sensitivities. You can munch on your favorite magic spoon cereal just like when you were a kid.

    Cereal For Everyone

    It doesn’t matter what age you are, you can enjoy a bowl of cereal that has more protein and less carbs. There’s no such thing as being too old for a bowl of your classic flavor of childhood cereal. Now, you can enjoy Magic Spoon cereal that has all the flavor of your childhood cereals, but for the 21st-century consumer.