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How to Edit PDFs

    Are you struggling to find a way to edit your PDF documents?

    It can be frustrating if you need a PDF that needs fixing but can’t edit it – or you’re missing some of the tools to do so. 

    If you’re looking for a way to a edit PDF file cleanly, read on! We’ve created a step-by-step guide to help you quickly edit and enhance your PDF documents.

    Edit PDF text

    The majority of people in the world today use PDFs, as they are the most common and easy-to-use format for sharing and storing documents. Anyone with a computer, tablet, or smartphone can open them.

    However, there are some occasions when you need to edit scanned PDF without converting it into another format such as DOC or XLS.

    To do a text edit online or modify a fillable PDF free, follow these steps:

    1. Open the PDF file in the application of your choice and click on the “Text” tool. You will see a list of text boxes available for adding text to your document.
    1. To add text, double-click in one of the boxes or click and drag across multiple boxes to select them all.
    2. Use the cursor keys to select your typeface and font size, then use your mouse to position it where you want it on the page.
    3. Type your text and press enter when you are finished typing in your Google docs edit PDF or desktop file.

    Edit images

    To edit images, you can use the same tools as already outlined above that allows you to make a fillable PDF. Next: 

    1. Open the file in your preferred program and click on the icon next to Edit Images.
    2. This will bring up a new window where you can select which images you want to adjust or remove, such as a logo or graph. 
    1. Click on the checkbox next to each image and then click on Done when finished selecting them all.
    2. Now that you have selected all of your images, click on the menu bar at the top of the program and choose File > Save As… from there you can save your new file with an alternate name or location for future reference purposes if needed (such as emailing it).

    It’s similarly simple to add a new image to your document. Just follow these easy steps to edit online or offline: 

    1. Click the Add Image button on the toolbar.
    1. Choose the image you’d like to add (such as a JPEG or PNG file) from your computer and click Open.
    2. Select the image in your file and click Place.
    3. The image will be added to your document
    4. Next, resize appropriately for best appearance on screen or printout.

    Add links

    You can add links to the source of your content, to other pages within the same PDF file, or even to external web pages.

    Adding links to your file is easy and straightforward!

    1. Open the document you would like to add a link to.
    2. Insert links using the “Link” feature in the toolbar at the top of the document window or by clicking on the “Insert” menu tab.
    3. Highlight the text you’d like to link. 
    1. A new window will pop up on the top right of the document with a URL field where you can enter the web or page destination for the selected texts.
    2. Click OK when done.

    Redact sensitive information

    Redacting sensitive information from a PDF is easy. Here’s how:

    1. Click Edit on the menu toolbar and choose Redact.

    2. Select the portion of your document that contains the text, image, or object you want to protect with redaction  – such as confidential medical information, credit card data, or social security numbers. 

    3. Click on the Redaction tool and select “Redact Selection.” A dialog box will appear with a list of options for protecting your selection (Remove or Erase) and some information about the redaction process.

    4. When satisfied with your selection, click Redact to erase or black out the sensitive data. 

    Edit table of contents

    The table of contents is a list that appears at the top of each page, which describes what is on the page. This information is necessary for readers to know what they’re reading and how they should navigate through the document.

    To edit your table of content in your PDF file, 

    1. Open your PDF editor online or Acrobat Reader and click on Tables & Columns > Table of Contents > More Options. This will give you access to all of your options for editing the table of contents.

    1. Open the document in your online PDF editor or Acrobat Reader to make the PDF fillable on a desktop. 

    2. Click on Edit in the toolbar and select Table of Contents from the list.

    3. Click on a cell containing a TOC item you want to edit and drag it to where you want it to appear in the outline, then release your mouse button when you are done moving it. 

    4. The cell will be highlighted with a yellow box around it. You can also choose to Rename the item or simply delete it. 

    5. If you’d like to add a new item to the document outline, Click on Add New Section on the toolbar and name your new section – something descriptive like Chapter 1 or Introduction and click OK.

    Merge PDF file

    You can merge two or more files or multiple versions of a PDF document into a single file using the Merge tool in your selected program.

    To merge PDF files: 

    1. Open your first document in Acrobat Reader or the best online editor you can find. 

    2. Select File > Open and locate the second document in your documents folder on your computer or upload it with an edit PDF Google drive function. 

    3. In the dialog box that appears, click Merge to open it with your other document.

    4. You can also select multiple PDFs to merge into a single file. 


    When you find yourself needing to edit PDFs, it’s important to choose the best pdf editor online. Acrobat is one of the most widely used tools for modifying PDFs, but it’s not exactly user-friendly. 

    There are more efficient alternatives to edit PDF form, such as a PDF modify online software like Lumin PDF which offers an array of useful features, including speed and simplicity. These applications make PDF editable online and will make your life easier when needing to change PDF online.