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How to find a good dentist in a new town?

    Finding a dentist can be easy if you know where to look. If you are new in town or passing through Vestavia, finding a good dentist might be somewhat challenging. Sometimes, people want to get a second opinion on dental procedures or find a new dentist because it is time for a change. In Vestavia, Alabama, locating a new dentist does not have to be tricky, if you remember these tips.

    One of the easiest ways to find a good dentist is by asking your current dentist for a referral. Orthodontists have a tightly knit community. So referrals and recommendations can go a long way to help you find a new dental surgeon. You can always check for online contacts in the directories. Check local directories in Alabama for dentists’ contacts. It should show you the locations and ratings of the dental surgeons in your new locality.

    Another way to find a new dentist is by asking the new neighbors, work associates, club members, friends, family members, and fellow churchgoers. The locals in the area are likely to know all about the dental surgeons there. You should be able to get a comprehensive review of their practices, ethics and more. It is a great way to find out if a professional is reliable and dedicated, and precisely what to expect from your first meeting.  

    Make a list of your selection criteria

    Before you begin your search, think about your priorities. What do you need from your dental surgeon? What are the principles that matter to you? Here are some points people consider –

    1. The dentist’s clinic should be close to home, school or office.
    2. Is the person a dental surgeon or a pediatric dentist?
    3. Does he or she allow last-minute emergency appointment booking and cancellation?
    4. Do they have handicap accessible offices?
    5. Does their office have the latest technology and instruments?

    Besides the usual requirements, there are a few particular criteria – a dentist, who speaks a second language. Or a professional, who has the expertise to treat special needs children. The list of “must haves” for each person is going to be different. You should figure your list out before you go out searching for a new dentist in Alabama. Visit Curry Dentistry in Vestavia Alabama to learn more about great dentists in the state.

    Consider their online presence

    After you locate the dental practices in your area that meet your criteria, you need to do a little research. Sometimes, a little research can save a lot of time and effort. You might find out that the office is further than it seems to be, or the listed dentist is out of town for the next month or so. Speaking directly with the clinic will help you unearth important decision-making information about your chosen orthodontist.

    Checking their website is one way to find out about their specializations and experience. Read the comments and testimonials by fellow patients to get an idea about his or her expertise. Follow their clinic and practice on the local business or dental clinic directories. These third-party sites can give you an honest look into any practice. Always remember that there will be disgruntled patients everywhere, and it is your responsibility to find out if they are reasonable or merely spiteful. It is important to check multiple sources, review sites and directories to conclusively form an opinion about a professional and his or her practice.

    Ask a few questions

    Before you head in for the first appointment, make a list of questions you need to ask the dentist. It might seem a little extra, but it will help you find the right orthodontist down the line. Here are a few questions you should always ask your new dentist –

    1. What are your office hours?
    2. Are you available on weekends?
    3. What kind of health insurance do you accept?
    4. Where is your office? Is there a landmark nearby?
    5. How to book an appointment and what are the availabilities like?
    6. Are you accepting new patients in Vestavia, Alabama right now?
    7. Do you offer emergency care services? Are you available after office-hours?
    8. What is your experience? How long have you been practicing? Have you practiced in Alabama all along?
    9. Are you a member of the state or national dental society? Do you have any special certifications or does your clinic have any accreditations?
    10. Are you trained to treat children as well? Or, do you only treat adults?

    These are some of the necessary questions that will tell you what to expect from your dental services.

    Observe their office

    When you are at the office, noticing a few things can help you understand a lot about his or her dedication towards dentistry and his or her expertise.

    1. Are the dental staff friendly and helpful?
    2. Does the office look neat, clean and organized?
    3. Is the doctor soft-spoken, kind and well-informed?
    4. Are the surfaces of the furniture, equipment, and floor clean?
    5. Do they have proper protective gear including gloves and masks while dealing with the patient?
    6. Do you see certifications from different councils and organizations on the walls of his or her office?
    7. Do they have the equipment necessary to complete a dental checkup and further treatment?
    8. Are the patients in the waiting room visiting the doctor for the first time, or have they been coming to him or her for years?

    Learning about the demographics of a dentist’s patients can give you an idea about his or her skills. If you meet patients in the waiting room, who have known the dentist for years, then it is a sign that he or she is a well-trained and dedicated professional. If all of them are new, you might want to reconsider your choice. An all new clientele can mean that he or she cannot retain patients, or that the dentist is new to the practice or new in town.

    No matter where you plan to move, be sure to vet your options thoroughly before fixing an appointment with a new dentist. Check his or her online presence, visit their office and speak to them face-to-face about any concerns you might have.