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How to Find the Best Personal Trainer

    So, you have finally decided to take your fitness a lot more personal and improve on your physical activity, congratulations. Now comes the quite daunting task of finding the best personal trainer for your needs. Making the choice of getting a personal trainer is often very tasking because of the fact that there are many half-baked trainers out there lurking behind the mask of ‘personal trainer’ and the moment you hire them, you set off a chain reaction of terrible results – the repercussions of choosing a bad trainer.

    This article is going to help you find the best local personal trainer from among the plethora of local personal trainers. Below are some tips to consider before making the final choice.

    • Reputation: just like every normal business, personal trainers thrive on referrals. If a trainer is very efficient, he will be willing to show you testimonials and not just before and after pictures. No. A very good trainer would be willing to give you the contact information of past clients so you can call and verify information such as work ethics, customer service, and etcetera.

    • Dedication: a personal trainer is, basically, supposed to help you focus on and achieve your fitness goals and from the first meeting during negotiations, you should be able to tell that this trainer isn’t just out to get paid. He should be interested in dedicating his time to helping you dedicate yours to achieving your fitness goals.

    • Charisma and Appearance: it is important that your personal trainer represents and embodies what you hope to achieve with your fitness goals. Don’t go for a ripped trainer when what you want is a runner. The charisma and appearance of your potential trainer should be considered very much.

    • Location and Availability: your trainer’s first and primary assignment is to help you achieve your fitness goals. So, he must first help you achieve your punctuality goals. If a trainer stays very far away from you, you may want to reconsider the option of hiring him. You need a trainer that will be available to help you through your regimen. Check your area for local personal trainers.

    • Certification: while this is not a foolproof means of knowing if your trainer is knowledgeable in his craft (as anyone can literally start up a program and award certificates), it sure is important that your trainer has a verifiable certification from a reputable academy. Some trainers, however, get most of their training from online based platforms such as YouTube and online courses. If this is the case for your potential personal trainer, then you can ask for their certification also, because online based training platforms issue certificates. Certification is important because it means that your potential trainer has passed the requirements necessary to be a trainer and this implies that he knows the theory and practice. Also, you can check for accreditation bodies for physical trainers in your country or locality.

    As a bonus point, always make sure you inform your potential personal trainer of any personal needs you might have, including allergies and cravings, and make sure he is versatile enough to adapt and proffer solutions where the need arises. Also, your personal trainer should help you make considerable progress in record time.