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How To Find The Right Running Shoes

    how to find the right running shoes

    how to find the right running shoes

    Every running enthusiast will agree how important it is to find proper running shoes. If your feet hurt after a run or you intent to buy running shoes, but aren’t sure what to look for, then you came to the right place. There are 5 simple factors you have to consider when you want to buy the right running shoes. Take a look:

    1) Your heel doesn’t fit

    Your heel should fit comfortable and not too tight. If you can’t slide your feet out easily, they are too tight for you. Your heels should be able to move a bit without causing you pain. If you feel irritations in the store, look for another pair. Every bit uncomfort you feel now will be intensified when you go for a run.

    2) Feeling pressure around your instep

    Similar to the heels, your shoe’s upper shouldn’t induce pressure or tightness. If that’s the case you can try to lace the shoes in another way. Should you still feel uncomfortable, move to the next shoe.

    3) Your toes need more space

    Your feet are going to swell during a run, because of the extra blood pumped in your feet. So you should always consider that when buying the right running shoes. Your running shoes need extra space at the toes. If you are able to wiggle your toes while wearing the shoes, it’s a good sign that you are one step closer to finding the perfect running shoes.

    4) Try to flex the shoes

    Take your running shoes at the heel and press the tip of the shoe on the floor. Your shoe should simulate the bend of your feet. If they don’t align to the flexes of your feet it can lead to arch pain. I also recommend you to try the flex-test, when you wear the shoes, just to be sure.

    5) They don’t feel natural

    A good running shoes should always complement your running mechanics and your whole feet movement. So try the running shoes out. Make a quick jog down the hallway or use the store’s treadmill. It’s essential that you feel a natural support through your shoes.

    how to find the perfect running shoes

    All in all that’s it. Keep these 5 factors in mind when you want to buy the right running shoes and you won’t have problems… most of the time. There are some additional tips you should consider to be on the safe side.

    Measure your feet twice a year

    Yes, your foot size changes even as an adult. So don’t rely on numbers alone. Always trust your guts when you buy the right running shoes.

    Size doesn’t equal size

    Just because an 8 from Nike fits you like a charm, it doesn’t mean that an 8 from New Balance is going to fit you. Brands or models differ in shape and stitches, so keep that in mind.

    Buy your running shoes in the evening

    People often complain about buying the wrong size, because they aren’t aware that their foot size changes even during the day! Just think about it: You are walking around all day, the gravity pushes your blood to your feet, it’s understandable that your feet are more swelled at evening.

    Buy quality running shoes

    You get what you pay for, most of the time… A $20 shoe won’t top a $80 shoe, but a super-premium-celebrity-shoe won’t be any better than a $80 shoe.

    Replace your shoes after a certain time

    According to Clifford Jeng, a foot surgeon at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, the average running shoe should be replaced after 350 to 400 miles. A more practical approach would be to change the running shoes depending on their look and feel. Is the shoe comfortable and fine? No need to change it.

    To your luck many online stores, like amazon, offer free exchanges, if your shoe doesn’t fit. So don’t worry if you can’t find the perfect running shoes in your store around the corner. Just purchase a pair on amazon and change them, if they don’t fit.