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How to Fix Impotence with the Correct Method?

    Impotence or erectile dysfunction is when the male partner finds it difficult to keep the erection stiff during sexual intercourse. Impotence is considered a symbol of poor sexual health and can be caused by many reasons.

    Occasional issues with erection are quite common and are born out of stress and anxiety. Long term and consistent erection problems indicate relationship problems. As such, it becomes important to visit the doctor.

    How exactly an erection occurs? 

    Erection is a result of enhanced blood flow to the body. Morning erection happens due to reduced stress and relaxed brain activity. Morning erection can be a daily event for men who are in their teenage.

    Sexual activity can also act as a stimulation, causing the penis to erect. Increased blood flow in the penis results in filling the two chambers of the penis. When the chambers are at the peak, the penis becomes stiff. The stiffness is usually good and indicates that the penis is ready for penetrative sex.

    Initial impotence can be treated via a few diet and stress management changes, but a more intense problem can be cured via tablets.

    What are the reasons behind impotence?

    Impotence can be a result of major causes. Sometimes, psychological and sometimes emotional, these reasons, once identified, can be easily treated.

    Stress and anxiety:

    Stress can be a significant cause of difficulty in getting an erection. Keeping aside your work stress and maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner can help in leveling your sexual life.

    Diabetes and poor cardiovascular health:

    Poor cardiovascular health and diabetes can also play a considerable part in impacting the erection. This can also lower your interest in sexual activities, and you might feel more or less tired all the time.

    Reduced levels of testosterone in the body:

    Testosterone generation in the body can get impacted over a period of time, which can impact your erection stimulation.

    Sleep and diet-related problems:

    Proper nutrition is a prerequisite for active sexual health. Similarly, adequate sleep is required to keep any kind of stress and fatigue at bay.

    Further, with age, erection can get affected. Several tablets and medications OTC are available to counter such issues. Medications like Tadalafil and Levitra can be taken without a prescription and can result in significant positive results.

    Are there any side effects of taking medicines?                

    Several medicines are currently available to help counter erection issues. But are there any side effects of getting medicine, especially without a prescription? Let’s find out.

    Several medications and drugs like Levitra usually lead to very minimum side effects, in the rarest of rare circumstances.

    An upset stomach, headache, and fatigue can often accompany the tablet if this is your first time. However, intense pain calls for immediate doctor suggestions.

    Further, dosage and time should always be consulted with the doctor. Some of these tablets can be taken before sex and consume at any time, based on your need. Make sure to consult your doctor before getting ahead with these pills.

    Best medicines to treat impotence without any side effects:

    Some pills are available in the market. But, they often come up with side effects. So, if you are concerned about such things, here are a few safe options for you.

    Fildena 100 mg – Generic Sildenafil 

    Fildena 100 mg Purple tablets are quite popular among the masses with the name of the purple pill. They often come up in various dosages which can be consumed based on your doctor’s suggestion.

    This pill is top-rated for treating erectile dysfunction and can help boost your sex drive. It makes the blood vessels much more flexible, causing the blood flow to increase.

    You can take these pills half an hour before engaging in any kind of sexual activity, and you are bound to enjoy your time much more than your regular sexual intercourse.

    Cialis 60mg (Generic Tadalafil)

    Tadalafil comes up under Cialis’s brand name and makes sure to stay away from any medication that comes with a different name. Cialis 60 mg tablets can treat narrowed blood vessels making sure that the blood flow is smooth and uninterrupted.

    With these tablets, you can enjoy nerve tickling sex for a longer time. It can work for around 36 hours. Once you have consumed it, it will start working after 30 minutes.

    Levitra 40mg (Generic Vardenafil)

    Vardenafil is a popular drug and comes under the brand name of Levitra. These medications can improve the level of nitric oxide in the body, thereby causing an erection.

    Levitra 40 mg is, however, suitable for people with extreme erectile dysfunction. You can take them before a few minutes and enjoy a much more intense sexual intercourse with your partner.

    Summing up…

    Several medications are available to treat impotence. If not treated, impotence can often impact your self-confidence while engaging in your intimate moments.

    However, you need to ensure that they cause no severe impacts. Consider seeking help from your doctor and make sure you have no side effects either from the suggested medicine or the ingredients used in it. You can also ask for the dosage to ensure that you are not consuming too much or too little of the medication.