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How to Get 360 Waves with Coarse Hair

    Are you one among those who feel as if obtaining 360 waves with coarse hair is like fantasy? Perhaps you have tried all possible 360 waves products but failed in each attempt. 

    A real struggle it is! We understand. Hence, how to get 360 waves with coarse hair? Well, let us make it simpler. Your persistence and patience are what you need for the flawless 360 wave pattern. 

    It does not require too many supplies, though, but the right product does matter! From Jheri-curls to LeBron James, every African American man wish to get such a refined hairstyle. You also deserve to rock with 360 waves like others. 

    Don’t look here and there. We will explain what you need to do to get 360 waves with coarse hair. You can get your own with some easy to follow tricks. The cherry on the cake is that the result is really worth it. Let’s start the “Wave Game”!

    Prepare Yourself!

    Before you know how to get 360 waves with coarse hair, all you need is lots of dedication. Let us tell you; the process is relatively slow, so be patient. You need to do more practice to get better results. 

    Whenever you become dispirited, remember your struggle with messy coarse hair. You’ll undoubtedly get positive energy. Always listen to your waves and pay attention to the details.

    Get the Right Wave Supplies On Hand

    First and foremost, make sure to get the following wave supplies;

    • Brush: Make sure to buy a wave brush that comes without a handle. Check the bristle on the brush. You’ll need a brush with hard bristle for coarse hair. 
    • Do-rag: A do-rag or wave cap is mandatory for obtaining a wave pattern. You may want to choose a satin do-rag as it helps retain moisture.
    • Grease: Grease comes in firmer and more relaxed varieties. Hence you need to choose wisely. Pomade is also used as wave grease.
    •  Hair Lotion: Hair lotion is needed to keep your hair manageable. We would suggest using organic moisturizer for coarse hair. 
    • Shampoo and Conditioner: Of course, both of them are important to maintaining waves. 

    How to Get 360 Waves with Coarse Hair?

    Start With the Fresh and Get a Haircut

    Hair type doesn’t matter in case of waves, but a healthy scalp does matter. Check whether you have any dandruff problem. Make sure to start with fresh and clean hair follicles. 

    Now, it’s time to visit a barber to get a haircut. Ask your San Diego barber to cut with a 1/3-inch guard and a grain. Then a razor style cut in horizontal line and finally a Caesar cut.

    Wash Your Hair with Wave Shampoo

    Now the 360 wave training session begins. Buy dedicated wave shampoo that is made for wave training. If you cannot get one, then you can use regular shampoo. Wash your hair with the shampoo in the following way; 

    • Wash your hair with Lukewarm water and brush it simultaneously
    • Rinse it thoroughly with cold water
    • Finally, leave it to dry completely.

    Apply Hair Lotion after Shampooing

    After each shampooing session, apply hair lotion and pomade once they are dry. It will make your hair more manageable. Now be prepared for brushing.

    Brush Uniformly In a Circular Direction

    Any random brushing won’t work here. You’ll need to do it in a particular way. Start from the crown of your hair from the top towards your eyes. Similarly, do the same toward the back in the neck direction. Overall, brush according to the small circle in the crown. 

    You can use a blow dryer while brushing. It helps to create wave patterns quickly. Brush your hair like this for about 15 to 20 minutes each time. However, you need to brush uniformly in particular directions. Only then you can get a 360 wave pattern quickly. 

    Wear Your Du-Rag

    After each brushing session, it is better to wear your do-rag. It makes sure your waves are in place. Do not wear it too loose or too tight. Leave it for at least half an hour. Some people prefer to wear a do-rag while sleeping as well. 

    Again Apply Pomade and Repeat Brushing

    After leaving your do-rag for about 30 minutes, apply pomade all over your hair. Brush in the same circular direction. It is better to make a brushing routine according to your hair type. 


    Well, this is how to get 360 waves with coarse hair. Though your 360 wave journey doesn’t end here, it is just the beginning. At this point, you will need regular care and maintenance. Make sure to cut your hair every 2 to 4 weeks and keep your hair hydrated. After a few months of training, see the magic. Live like a king in your perfect 360 waves.