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How to Get Back Into Working Out After a Long Break

    Getting back into working out after a break won’t be easy, how quickly you’ll get back in shape depends on the duration of the break and the correctness of the action. So, how to get back into working out after a long break without compromising health?

    Most of us give up our working out at some point. The most common reasons for that are: you might be busy, injured, stressed, you have your vacation or you’ve just got a burnout syndrome. Even the most devoted fitness enthusiast should sometimes take a break and stop working out. The problem is that most people never get back into working out again. Each person has his or her own reasons why he or she stopped exercising for some period of time. But in any case, remember — you need to go back to your workouts and recover. If you approach this matter correctly, you will succeed. We will tell you how to start working out after a long break and how to get back in shape.

    8 Recommendations of How to Start Working Out Again

    So, what are the first steps to back to workout routine? We offer you eight tips which are recommended

    by Gym Expert.


    • Set a reasonable goal


    Get a clear idea of what you hope to achieve with your exercises. Set reasonable goals. Analyze whether your goal is:

    • Real
    • Measurable
    • Achievable
    • Relevant
    • Limited in time



    • Start slowly


    It’s recommended to initiate three weekly workouts, taking at a minimum one day for rest to get recovered between them. Each workout should encompass exercises that are focused on basic movements: squats, lunges, bench presses, push-ups, pull-ups, tilts, etc. This way, you’ll regain your powers without being too tired after your workout.

    On the condition that you feel strong after working out, you can move forward every two weeks, increasing training sessions, reps or abridging the rest time between them.


    • Don’t compare yourself with other people


    Your crony can do more pull-ups than you do, don’t be upset. Or people in the Gym where you are working out have six-pack abs, not a big deal. You must be resolutely determined because your workouts are your way to a healthy life. Concentrate on your own workout goals and potential. Keep taking consecutive steps towards your objective and just savor the journey they add to your life.


    • Stay active even on weekends


    Muscular pain after your workout is an ordinary thing when you start exercising again. You will, probably, want to get a little rest after your workouts but we don’t recommend you to do this. Do a little workout even on your weekends. It doesn’t have to be an intensive workout; just do some basic movements which will

    accelerate your recuperation. Stay active during the days of recovery: walk your dog to the park, do some yoga exercises or take a walk around the neighborhood. Just don’t sit, you must move!


    • Leave a few repetitions in the reserve


    Don’t workout in your full force if you decided to start strength workouts. Instead, do the short repetition — at least at an initial stage. If you can lift the weight by twelve repetitions, stop at nine or ten and see how you will feel the day after your workout. If you are recovering well after your workout and feel ready to do more, increase it to the normal range of reps for your next workout.


    • Make a plan for alternative workouts


    You will unavoidably have a period when scheduled workouts will be unmanageable or unattractive for you. You will, probably, want to sit in your armchair with a cup of tea and relax, but it’s better to start doing something — especially when you’re trying to back to your workouts after a fit break. You must be well aware that you will have to walk many miles to achieve the goal, but by making progress step by steps, you will certainly be on the right track.

    Keep a roster of supplemental workouts on your mobile gadget. You can modify a scheduled workout or do something completely different. Go cycling, swimming, or play volleyball.


    • Be responsible to someone


    Use the services of a personal trainer for your workouts, join online workouts, start jogging with your friend. Sometimes you don’t even need another person to start the simplest workout routine, some people just need to register their workouts, for example in a special application; this stimulates them to back to workouts from day to day.


    • Congratulate yourself on your victories


    Do not forget to congratulate yourself on every victory, no matter how simple and small it may seem. Even if you are doing working out for beginners, it’s still a small victory on your way to a healthy life. Make a small gift for yourself every time the goal is achieved. Small! (Especially when it comes to food.) You can go to the cinema or buy some clothes for you. This motivates you to continue your workouts and stimulates you to achieve new goals.  And remember – you must never give up!