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How to Get Better at Golf: The Top Tips to Know

    There’s no doubting the fact that golf is simply one of the suavest, most attractive sports to play out there. Its low barrier to entry means that anyone who can swing a club can play.

    However, it’s only a few people who actually end up getting good at golf. If you’re a beginner trying to learn how to get better at golf and take your game to the next level, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss how to improve your golf game in a few simple tips.

    Focus on the Finish

    Our first tip starts with the last step in a golf swing: the finish. When you finish your golf swing, you should be able to hold your poise high and proud. You shouldn’t feel off-balance, you shouldn’t feel as if you haven’t followed through completely, and your finish stance shouldn’t be changing each time you swing.

    Instead, focus on finishing in the same, balanced position every time. That way, your shots will reach a whole new level of consistency. 

    Align Your Clubface

    Remember that the alignment of your clubface to the ball at the moment of impact is one of the most important factors in the performance of your shot. If you want a drive to go straight and true and land on the fairway, then you need to align your clubface so that you hit it as flat as possible.

    If, on the other hand, you are trying to induce a fade or a draw, you may need to close or open your clubface a bit more accordingly. Little chances to the clubface angle translate into big impacts on your shot.

    Practice Your Swing

    There’s no way to get better at golf than simply practicing it more. Practice your swing all the time — you don’t even need to have a club in your hand. When you’re cooking, when you’re watching TV, when you’re waiting for your coffee to finish brewing. Just get more and more familiar with the motion of a golf shot.

    Listen to the Pros

    Peter Faricy and others have worked hard at bringing advice and clips from the pros to the masses. Don’t let their efforts go to waste. Take lots of time to observe the pros. Take a closer look at what their stance looks like and how they swing. If they ever offer some advice on-air, be sure to absorb that advice and then test it out the next time you’re on the range.

    How to Get Better at Golf, Made Simple

    There you have it — with this simple list of tips under your belt, you’re well on your way toward having a better handle on how to get better at golf. The secret to playing better golf is simply to play more of it. The more you can get out on the range and swing your clubs, the better.

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