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How to Get Rid Of Bed Sheet Stains

    There are many types of stains that you can get on your bed sheets such as urine stains, sweat stains, blood stains, drool stains and other stains from various bodily fluids. 


    Natural Remedies for Getting Rid Of Bed Stains


    Getting rid of bed stains does not need to be very challenging or even expensive. There are lots of natural DIY methods to get rid of these stains such as using bed stain remover products, natural products etc. 


    One of the best solutions that is completely natural is to use a mixture of water and white vinegar. Once you mix an equal amount of these two ingredients, pour it into a spray can and spray onto the stain. Then, allow the mixture to sit for approximately 10 minutes and then use a clean cloth to blot the stain off. Once you are finished, put the bed sheet to wash. 


    Guidelines On How to Get Rid Of Sweat, Urine, Drool and Blood Stains from Bed Sheets


    In the event that the stain is not very difficult to remove, you can simply use some detergent to get rid of it. Simply rub in the detergent and allow it to soak and then wash in with any biological detergent. However, make sure the water is between 40C and 60C for maximum stain removing capability. 


    If the stain is a bit more difficult to get rid of, you should use a pre-soaking agent such as an enzyme-based agent. Alternatively, you can try to use a soda crystal solution. After you have placed in a pre-soaking agent, you can wash the sheet at 95C using any typical detergent. 


    In the event that the bed sheet has bloodstains, then it is best to use cold water as opposed to warm water since the heat can cause the bloodstain to set in even more onto the sheet. If you have bloodstains that refuse to come out, then you should create a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide and soak it into the stain. After it has soaked for a bit, wash using your normal biological detergent. 


    How to Avoid Getting Sweat Stains On Your Sheets


    Most people sweat as much as 200 ml of sweat every night in bed. As a result, it is a good idea to look at the various methods to prevent getting sweat stains on your bed sheets and how to easily get rid of them. 


    You should carefully select the type of bed sheets you purchase and cotton linens are a good idea. This is because cotton sheets are significantly more breathable as opposed to polyester. Polyester bed sheets are not as breathable and they actually tend to trap sweat and other moisture, which results in more sweating during the night and stains. 


    It is a good idea to have a shower before you go to bed since this will help to remove any dirt from your body, which will reduce the stains, in particular, yellow stains from your sheets and pillowcase. You should also use a mattress protector and a pillow protector in order to protect your mattress and pillow from these stains. 


    If you have kids, you should be aware of how much they drink, especially before bed, since this can help you to avoid getting a pee soaked mattress and sheets. 


    Is It Best To Tumble Dry Bed Sheets?


    According to Tielle, it is best to dry your bed sheets and other bed linen on the line whenever you can. However, we understand that this is not always possible since you may not have a line to do so and the weather throughout the year may prevent that. 


    Therefore, you can tumble dry your bed linen. However, it is best to avoid using too much heat while doing so since that can actually damage your sheets and the threads. This will reduce how long they last and reduce how soft they are. So, be sure to use low heat while tumble-drying and do not place too many items inside of the drum so that there is enough space for air circulation. 


    Is It Necessary To Iron Cotton Linen?


    It is not necessary to iron your Egyptian cotton sheets. However, if you already iron your sheets, be sure to do so when they are still a bit damp, directly out of the dryer. This will help you to easily get rid of wrinkles and reduce the likelihood of any burns. 


    How To Store Your Bed Sheets


    If you have taken the time to wash, tumble dry and iron your bed sheets, then you likely want to store your bed linen properly. For great quality, bedroom furniture and storage read these Macy’s furniture reviews.


    All you need to do is store the bed linen in a well-ventilated and dry cupboard. This will help prevent any mold and ensure that your bed sheets are always fresh and clean when you are ready to use them.