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How to Get Rid of Belly Fat Quickly Using 3 Simple Strategies

    Many of you may be wondering how to get rid of belly fat quickly. We have put together a list of supplements, foods, and exercises that work to help melt stubborn belly fat. Carrying around extra pounds is bad for all of us. The extra pounds put stress on the body’s joints, the heart, the lungs, and more. 

    Please remember even if you think you are healthy; see your doctor before you begin any weight loss program. This includes supplements, diet pills, and exercise. Discuss your plan with your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough for that plan. 

    Diet Modifications That Help Burn Fat Naturally

    Diet and exercise are important for a number of reasons but also helps get rid of belly fat quickly while improving overall health and wellness.

    There are foods you should eat that will help. There are also foods you need to avoid if you want to lose belly fat. 

    Foods you should eat are:

    • Fiber-rich foods
    • High protein foods
    • Use bone broth for sipping or soups which helps soothe the stomach so you lose weight; it also loaded with antioxidants.
    • Avocados are rich in heart-healthy fats. 
    • Raw and fresh vegetables are not only a source of fiber but have many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that the body needs.
    • Fresh and raw fruit for the same reason as vegetables.  
    • Use spices such as Turmeric, Cayenne pepper, and Cumin, all have antioxidant properties and Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory. 
    • Eat dark chocolate it is full of inflammation-reducing flavonoids but eat in moderation.

    These foods are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that promote better health and stronger bones and muscles.

    Foods to stay away from:

    • Refined sugars such as soda and other sugary drinks swap them out for water. 
    • Forget the low calorie low-fat low carb anything; people have been doing this for 40 plus years and have only managed to become more obese. Moderation and a wide variety is the key. When it comes to carbs, eat simple carbs like fresh vegetables and fruits.  When you fix your meal your carbs should be around 25 to 30 %, good fat and protein should make up the other 70 to 75% of your plate. 
    • Complex carbs such as potato chips and other snack foods that are prepackaged. The same goes for prepackaged meals. The number of sugars and empty calories in these can pack on the pounds. Not to mention the amount of salt and preservatives you will find in these types of foods. 

    These types of foods promote weight gain and provide the body with empty calories. They can also be addicting. Generally, when people eat these types of foods they will often have sugar soda. The combination of sugar and salt makes you want more. 

    Keto and the Paleo diet are both very popular presently.  However, fad diets that tend to oversimplify and overemphasize the role of protein are potentially dangerous to your health.  Ideally, you want protein to account for roughly 30% of your total caloric intake. Any more than that and you risk nutrition deficiencies that could lead to health problems.  Research concludes that protein is very beneficial to weight loss but avoid fad diets that overemphasize it’s consumption.

    Protein is your friend when it comes to burning fat and losing weight.  Protein naturally curbs appetite and lower caloric intake. Protein also boosts your metabolism so you naturally burn fat and calories.  Plus, protein helps you build lean muscle mass so you also burn more calories at rest. Again, you don’t need to go overboard. Even getting 30% of your total caloric intake from protein is sufficient to help you lose weight naturally without risking health problems or nutrient deficiencies.

    Exercise Tips to Burn Fat Faster

    If you want the truth about how to get rid of belly fat quickly, exercise is one of the keys.  Exercise speeds up the metabolism and burns calories. Eating a diet of good food and fewer calories each day with exercise will aid in weight loss. It also helps with reducing stress, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as many other health advantages. Following a balanced diet and exercise can help you stay healthy and improve your balance as you age. 

    Exercises you can do

    • Walking 
    • Swimming
    • Bicycle riding
    • Running
    • Dancing such as Zumba classes

    Just eating a good diet and exercise will cause you to lose weight. However, you may be able to lose a little more belly fat and quicker if you add a weight loss supplement to your program. 

    How to Get Rid of Belly Fat Quickly Using Supplements 

    Supplements are not all created equal. Some work better than others. Now that we have looked at diet and exercise let’s look at fat loss supplements that work.

    These supplements are natural, over the counter, or prescription. Please note that over the counter and natural does not necessarily mean non-harmful. Please speak to your doctor before starting any diet plan. 

    Natural Fat Burning Supplement Ingredients

    • Caffeine can be found in coffee, green tea, and cocoa beans.  
    • Green tea can be hot or cold so the next time you want a drink, grab the green tea; it is also full  of antioxidants.
    • Protein powder can help build muscle while it can help boost your metabolism and keep you feeling full longer.
    • Soluble fiber helps the body slow down digestion so the body can absorb the minerals and vitamins from the food.

    Over the counter Fat Burning Supplements

    • Glucomannan helps you feel full as it absorbs liquid in the stomach.
    • Garcinia cambogia extract contains hydroxycitric acid which supposedly helps with weight loss.
    • Pyruvate helps break down fat and sugars and boosts metabolism however studies are weak.
    • Hydroxycut weight loss supplement contains a lot of caffeine so be careful as it can and will speed up the heart. 

    All of these over the counter weight loss supplements need more studies done in order to prove their effectiveness but look promising so far based upon clinical study data. As with anything, over the counter and even prescriptions:  they may work for one person and not the next. Each person’s body is different and the amount of fat or weight you lose may not be the same as your neighbor, friend, etc. 

    Prescriptions for Burning Belly Fat

    Prescriptions consist of drugs that the doctor give you and include the following

    • Bupropion-naltrexone
    • Orlistat also makes the over the counter Alli.
    • Phentermine-topiramate

    Bonus Method: Fat Freezing

    Cryolipolysis system generally known as fat freezing is recently gaining popularity as an effective way of fat reduction from targeted areas of the body. Within 4-8 weeks you can reduce upto 25% of fat from your belly, thigh or any other targeted areas, if you buy a proper fat freezing machine and use as per instructions. Fat freezing system is FDA approved and very comfortable.

    Take away

    Learning how to get rid of belly fat quickly is appealing to many of us.  This is especially true since belly fat can cause health issues both short and long term. Before grabbing any diet pills speak to your doctor and read up about Simple fat Burning Strategies. [

    Once your doctor tells you that you can start a weight loss plan using supplements; then start a journal to track your progress along the way. Write down everything you eat, your supplements, and your activities. Even go so far as write down why you are eating. You may find you are bored or you are an emotional eater. Either way, you can find ways to cope with these types of eating besides food.