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How to Identify That Your Loved One Has Been Addicted To Cocaine

    Cocaine is one of the most powerful and addictive drugs that mainly affect the central nervous system as it increases the production of dopamine in the brain, which is the neurotransmitter responsible for pleasure. It is extremely difficult to deal with the cocaine addiction, particularly when a loved one has been addicted to cocaine. However, you need to come strong and act on time if a loved one has become addicted to cocaine in order to prevent any irreparable loss.

    You loved one can get gradually consumed by this destructive substance. It is all because cocaine is one of the most highly addictive drugs and its abuse can actually take over the life of your loved one. It is going to be a difficult task to help your loved one throughout the course of cocaine addiction treatment. However, the good news is that there are a number of different resources available to support you throughout your struggle. Here are a few symptoms to look for if you suspect your loved one is dealing with cocaine addiction.

    Symptoms of Cocaine Addiction


    Because cocaine effects last for a shorter span, individuals tend to frequently repeat the intake which eventually results in increased usage and the person gains a high tolerance level against the drug. This means that to experience the euphoria, the addict will increase the dosage.


    If the addict stops the intake of cocaine, he/she will experience side effects related to the withdrawal of the drug which may include severe depression, accompanied with suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and agitation.


    As we mentioned earlier, due to short-term impact, cocaine addicts increase the intake of drug more frequently than they intend to.

    Loss of Control

    Even if cocaine addicts want to quit or cut back the amount of drug, they will eventually feel helpless to do it.

    Obsessive Thinking

    The highly addictive nature of drug makes them obsessive about its consumption and they always keep on thinking about ways to obtain it in more quantity.

    Changes in Priorities

    The priorities of cocaine addicts will change and they tend to quite all previous recreational, occupational and social activities.

    Continued Use

    Cocaine addicts will have an uncontrollable urge to use the drug even when they know that it is destroying their mental and physical health.

    Moreover, you can look for the following condition which are the visible indications that your loved one has become addicted to cocaine.

    • A cocaine addict will exhibit behavioural changed such as continuous anxiety, agitation, violent behaviour, and depression.
    • Cocaine reduces the appetite which results in rapid loss of weight.
    • Cocaine addicts tend to feel comfortable in isolation as the addiction takes control of their lives.
    • They will be in constant need of money.
    • They may surround themselves with new company who can be other drug addicts or dealers.
    • Their personal hygiene conditions may deteriorate.
    • They may appear drained if they do not have access to the drug.

    The decision to seek cocaine addiction treatment has to be made by the addict, however, you must put your concern to encourage them to get back to a healthy living.