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How to Implement the SMART Technique into your Fitness Routine

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    To be successful with a fitness routine, it requires setting goals. When you set a goal, you have something to work towards, which makes it easier to continue on when the going gets tough. One way to ensure your fitness routine stays on track is to implement the SMART technique. This technique uses five categories to help you reach your goal. 


    By using the SMART technique, you are integrating a direction, gaining motivation and have a clear focus on your fitness goals. SMART is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. Learning how to integrate their technique into your workout plan will ensure you reach your weight loss or overall fitness goals. 


    In this category, you want to focus on what you wish to accomplish as well as where the goal will be achieved. How long will it take and why do you want to achieve it? So, with a fitness routine, you could use Specific to set a target weight goal or a specific fitness goal to reach, such as running a mile or lifting a certain amount of weight. Setting this part of your goal will get you started. 


    In this category, you want to ask yourself, how you know when you have reached your goal and what is an indicator or progress? In this case, if you are losing weight, when you start to shed pounds, that is an indicator of your success. For running, if you are able to run a fourth or half a mile without stopping, you are making progress. Figure out how you can measure to reach your goal and set tracking points along the way. 


    With a SMART goal, the results must be achievable. Do you have resources available to you to reach your goal? Such as a gym or trainer? Do you have time to dedicate to your goal? Set a fitness goal that is achievable and work your way towards that goal, then set another! 


    In this category, you must have a realistic goal that can be reached via the resources you have and time available. Are you able to commit to reaching to your goal? Set realistic expectations for yourself. You cannot lose 50 pounds in one month with a healthy fitness plan. Set small weight loss or fitness goals to get started and work your way up to more difficult challenges. 


    You need a start and finish date for your goal. Set a timely deadline in which you can achieve weight loss or reach a fitness status. Once you have this deadline, you can then work towards reaching your goal with an end in sight. 

    fBy following the SMART technique, you can approach a fitness goal in an achievable way. By following the specific steps, you have a plan of action to help you create a reachable goal that will only propel you to set more goals for yourself. Get started today and see just what you can accomplish!