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How To Improve Sleep Pattern

    Sleeping is an essential part of our routine, and without it, we cannot survive. Our brain and body need to rest every once in a while; otherwise, we may have to face numerous health issues, and our performance at our jobs or careers may also suffer. 

    There are many things that are impactful on your sleep pattern. Your behaviour and actions during the day, and especially a few hours before bedtime have a major impact on your sleep cycle. They can either promote healthy and relaxing sleep, or cause restlessness and eventually, even insomnia

    Insufficient sleep can prove to be detrimental for us; therefore, today, we are doing to tell you about some tips which can help you improve your sleep pattern. Keep reading to learn more.

    Go to sleep at the same time every day:

    We, humans, are creatures of habit. Our bodies have an internal clock, which can keep track of time by our habits and the environmental changes that occur around us. Therefore, if you sleep regularly at the same time every day, your body can develop a habit. This will allow the body to release sleep hormones more effectively.

    On the other hand, if you don’t sleep according to a fixed schedule, your body may be in an active state when you try to sleep, which can lead to problems. 

    Therefore, try to go to sleep at the same time daily, preferably at ten or eleven PM. This will allow you to complete your eight hours of sleep in the ideal time, according to experts. 

    Avoid looking at bright screens before you sleep:

    Apart from our day to day habits, our environment is also quite impactful on our internal clock. When the sun is out, our environment is bright; our body understands that it is time to be active and work, while as it gets darker, the amount of melatonin released in our body increases. 

    Melatonin is a hormone that is responsible for making us sleep. Therefore, even when it is dark, if you keep staring at bright screens, your mind perceives the light as an indication to remain active. 

    Hence, you must avoid bright screens before it is time to go to sleep. This will increase melatonin production and help you doze off easily. 

    Decrease stress:

    Stress is a normal human response, but when it lingers and becomes chronic, it can be very detrimental. Stress can cause many diseases, including insomnia. Insomnia increases stress as well, so the combination can be extremely damaging for our mind and body. 

    Therefore, it is essential that you work to decrease stress. There are many stress contouring methods that you can try, but few are as effective as cannabis. Cannabis has its fair share of recognition in the medical field, to say the least, and it is very effective in the treatment of insomnia. 

    Weed can relax your mind, and eliminate stress by stimulating our natural endocannabinoid system, which is, of course, a plus when it comes to getting some quality sleep. 

    Hence try some cannabis to improve your sleep pattern. Moreover, as weed is legal in Canada and the US, you can just type “buy weed online Canada” on google, and you will find numerous online cannabis dispensaries that deliver weed to your home. 

    Avoid smoking, drinking and coffee before you go to sleep:

    We all need coffee every morning to wake up. It can help us give the kick that we need, but of course, you wouldn’t want to get active when it’s time to sleep. Therefore, don’t drink coffee for a couple of hours before it is time to go to bed. 

    Similarly, alcohol and tobacco can be bad for your sleep pattern as well. Aside from damaging our body in numerous ways, they can also disrupt our hormonal system and make sleeping difficult. 

    Therefore, you should try to avoid any of these stimulants before going to sleep. 

    Create the ideal environment for sleep:

    No matter how tired or sleepy you are, resting in a crowded room, with bright lights and a lot of noise is quite challenging. This means that the environment you are sleeping in is also quite impactful. 

    For the perfect sleeping conditions, you should have a dark room, with minimal sounds and low temperature. Some people also listen to soothing sounds like water hitting the shore, or crickets chirping to improve sleep quality. 

    Apart from your surroundings, your bed also plays a major role in determining your sleep quality. You need to make sure that you have a comfortable mattress that is suitable for your body. 

    Improve your diet and lifestyle:

    As it is quite apparent, our diet and overall lifestyle are significantly impactful on every aspect of our health. Consequently, they can affect our sleep pattern, as well. Where unhealthy foods can disrupt our digestive system, decrease the efficiency of our immune system and slow down our lymphatic system, which can adversely impact our sleep, healthy foods can make it easier for us to sleep. Here is a list of some foods that you should add to your diet for better sleep. 

    1. White rice
    2. Chicken or turkey meat
    3. Milk
    4. Almonds and walnuts
    5. Kiwi fruit
    6. Cherry juice
    7. Fish with omega-three fatty acids

    While we are on the topic of diet, avoid consuming too many fluids before you sleep, because you may have to get up to pee in the middle of the night, which can disrupt your sleep.

    Aside from improving your diet, you should also start exercising to stay healthy. However, working out at night or in the afternoon isn’t the right move, because that will train your body to peak physically a few hours before it is time to sleep. 

    Lastly, the importance of sleep isn’t lost on anyone, and we all know that we need to get some quality sleep every day. The quality of your sleep is more important than quantity. Therefore, follow these tips to ensure that you are able to doze off comfortably and wake up fresh and ready to be your best. 

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