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How to Improve Your Posture: Everything You Need to Know

    Having good posture is an important fact that we all need to remember. It is what makes us more productive, it is what makes us healthier, and it’s through this that we can achieve more things in our life. As farfetched as it sounds, this is the reality that we need to accept. In this article, we’ll be showing you the best ways on how to improve your posture. So buckle up and read on to have a more straightforward life!

    Why You Need to Have Good Posture

    1. Correct Alignment

    So why must you have good posture? Well, there are a lot of answers to that. But one of the best reasons is to ensure the correct alignment of your bones and joints. It is in ensuring the proper alignment that you can use your muscles the right way. It reduces unnecessary wearing of joints as well as avoids you from experiencing degenerative arthritis.

    1. Reduces Stress

    Maintain correct posture also helps reduce stress. Your ligaments are the ones that are holding your spinal joints in place. It’s because of this that you need to reduce the stress levels that your ligaments might be in. By doing this, you’re able to minimize the chances of sustaining injury.

    1. Muscle Efficiency

    Muscle efficiency is another benefit you’ll get with correct posture. By ensuring that your back is straight when sitting down or standing up, you’re able to help your muscles work properly. Muscle fatigue is what reduces our efficiency. But by simply maintaining correct posture, you’re able to make your muscles work properly.

    1. Prevents Strain and Disorders

    When you maintain correct posture, you’re not only assuring yourself that you will have less muscular pain but you’re also seeing to it that you won’t experience any overuse disorders.

    Steps on Having Ideal Posture for Standing Position

    Your standing position is one of the most common instances where you’re most likely to slouch. In order to refrain that from happening, here are some of the things you can do to.

    1. Weight on Your Feet

    I find out that one of the most effective ways to avoid slouching when standing or walking is to feel your feet’s “balls”. This is the back portion of your feet’s palm which has a semi-circular shape. Feel your body’s weight transfer to that specific portion and you’ll find it easier to maintain correct posture.

    1. Slightly Bent Knees

    You can also try slightly bending your knees to make sure that your body’s weight gets distributed to different parts. By evenly distributing your weight, you’re able to reduce the tension and pressure your muscle will experience.

    1. Feet Should be Shoulder-Width Apart

    I must admit that I was once a “slouch walker”. But this didn’t stop me from correcting my posture. I personally found out that by keeping my feet shoulder-width apart, I can improve my balance. This leads to having an easier time maintain a straight back.

    1. Hanging Arms

    This comes to a surprise for most people but frankly speaking, this is a very effective way to correct your posture. You’re balancing the weight distribution by simply letting your arms hang naturally on both sides of your body. And what happens when you do that? It’s easier for you to maintain a straight body for a longer time!

    1. Pull Your Shoulders Back

    Pull your shoulders back and feel your back muscles constrict. Though it might lead to back pains at first, it’s worth trying because it puts in muscle memory on your back muscles. This then leads to having a straight back.

    1. Stomach Tucked In

    Tucking in your stomach is also an effective way to maintain correct posture. When you do this, you’ll also feel your chest muscles go upward thus straightening your back muscles.

    Steps on Having Ideal Posture for Sitting Position

    1. Keep your feet on the floor

    The first rule when it comes to maintaining the proper sitting position is to keep your feet on the floor. This sees to it that your legs and hips are aligned with each other. But if you can’t reach the floor, you can also try putting a footrest so that your feet will have something to touch.

    1. Gap in Between Knees and Seat

    Having a small gap in between your knee’s back portion and the seat’s front part will help you have a good sitting posture. This is because space will act as a moving space for your knees.

    1. Knees Below Hips

    Your knees should also be below your hips. This is the ideal sitting position because this improves blood flow and stretches your leg muscles. By simply putting your knees below your hip level, you’re making sure that it won’t absorb strain and pressure.

    1. Having a Backrest

    The backrest is very important because this is what supports your back. However, your backrest should be straight and flat. You can do this by adjusting your chair’s backrest. You can also use a back support if your chair lacks an adjustable feature.

    How to Have the Ideal Posture for Lying Position?

    Compared to the two other positions, maintaining proper lying positions isn’t that difficult and complex. This is why you don’t need to follow a lot of rules to do it. By simply finding the right mattress that’s firm and soft, you can have a comfortable lying position that’s good for your posture. It’s also recommended that you use a pillow that has memory foam. Sleeping sideways and on your back are also helpful ways to ensure correct posture. Just don’t sleep on your belly.


    Maintaining correct posture isn’t really that hard. It’s just all about discipline, remembering to do it, and knowing how to do it. At the end of the day, it’s not just your physical self that benefits from it, but your emotional and mental health as well. Improving your posture really is a life-saver that helps you have a happier and more positive outlook in life.

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    Author Bio: I’m Tina Howell, chief editor at XBodyNow. I have an in-depth knowledge about gym, fitness, bodybuiding… which are shared with you through my site. My mission is to make you aware about the right exercises, workout plans and nutrition