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How to Know If You Have a Substance Abuse Problem

    Drugs are one of the most pernicious and common ways that people lose control of their lives. An astounding 38% of adults struggle with illicit drug use disorders every year!

    The terrible thing about substance abuse is that it makes the person the inflicter of their own pain. It leads to addiction and causes people to make choices they don’t really want to make.

    Given how common and dangerous substance abuse can be, it’s worth learning the signs of substance abuse at some point in your life. Read on to learn all about how you can detect a burgeoning substance abuse problem in your life or in the life of a loved one.

    Signs and Symptoms of Substance Abuse

    There are many warning signs of substance misuse or abuse. Some are easy to detect and others are more subtle.

    Some signs of abuse are physically visible. You could notice them in a photograph.

    On the other hand, some early signs of substance abuse are behavioral. That means you have to be aware of the patterns of action in a person’s life. When those patterns start to change, you may be able to detect a substance abuse problem.

    Physical Signs of Substance Abuse

    Improper drug use can cause people to display symptoms of sickness. They might have a running nose or a cough. They can also experience a flushed or pale face or constantly rub their nose.

    Red eyes or dilated pupils can also signal drug use. Shaking hands and a frequent twisting of the jaw are also warning signs.

    Behavioral Signs of Substance Abuse

    Most signs of drug use are behavioral. This can make it very difficult to detect a drug problem unless you live with a person or otherwise see them frequently.

    If someone’s personality rapidly transforms, it may be due to the influence of drugs. Someone might start failing to live up to their responsibilities, including work or school.

    You might find that someone suddenly becomes far more paranoid than they used to be, or acting uncharacteristically giddy or nervous. In other cases, someone with a substance abuse problem might act suspiciously. They may frequently lie or seek constant privacy

    Abusing drugs can be expensive and take lots of time to organize and hide from people. For this reason, people engaged in substance abuse may end up trying to get money or valuables without explanation.

    They may also have new friends very unlike their old ones. They may also change the way they groom themselves and they might own drug paraphernalia.

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    Know the Signs of Substance Abuse

    We hope you found something useful in this brief article on the signs of substance abuse. To learn more about nutrition, fitness, and everything else pertaining to achieving maximum health in your life, check out our other pages!