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How to look younger without botox and fillers

    Plastic surgery has long ceased to be the only way to turn back the clock and look 10 years younger. Modern minimally invasive technologies of the beauty industry open up new opportunities. Let us consider a new trend in a beauty industry, which becomes quite popular nowadays.

    The name of Trigubchak Karyna is more frequently met in the reposts mentioning her unique “Face Building” marathon and a book “Marathon”. Her products are devoted to people who want to learn brand-new techniques of maintaining beauty and youth without any injections or other medical procedures. 

    The idea of Karyna’s marathon appeared in the end of 2019 during the first wave of pandemic with the main concept of a do-it-yourself beauty. The whole world experienced a huge shock, and it was a complex psychological problem for everybody.  People were locked up which resulted in accumulation of destructive energy. 

    That was the time when Karyna and her team realized that negative energy should have been redirected down the right channels through the promotion of the common good. It should be mentioned that she is fully versed in human physiology and organism functioning due to her education. Karyna holds the athletic degree of the master of sports, graduated from the Donetsk Higher School of Olympic reserve named S. Bubki, then enrolled at the Institute of Physical Education to study sports-based rehabilitation. So, the marathon is completely in the area of her competence. 

    It is a natural alternative to botox and fillers. One of marathon’s main success factors is its maximum affordability for any person; another one is the hard time when it was launched, including growing mass unemployment and total desperation. Since many other beauty programs cost 10 times as much, Karyna wanted to make the marathon available to anyone. 

    Also, one of the phenomena of this product is an non-standard approach to it. Karyna works with a face and talks about the beauty and youth of the face through a body posture, since all currently existing methods, such as face yoga or face fitness, do not work directly with the face itself. The marathon starts with posture exercises for achieving effective results for the face, since such issues as a hunchback or a double chin are first of all caused by the problems with posture.

    A proof of marathon’s success is the number of its followers – 1.3 million people. It has been completed by more than 400 000 people. Why is it so popular?

    First, it produces really grandiose results with a long-term effect thanks to solving the heart of the matter:  posture issues. The main cause of all facial alterations lies in posture, including abnormal occlusion, hunchback, double chin and even drooping of the eyelid. The first week of the marathon is dedicated to the posture, and the second and third ones feature facial exercises. Therefore, the most effective and impressive results are achieved during the very first week of the marathon!

    Second, when this product was launched for selling, there was nothing similar on the market. Karyna was the first one to promote a do-it-yourself beauty trend. She even got a lot of imitators who took the information from her webpage and claimed as their own. Thus, Karyna created her personalized trend in this sphere, since this marvelous program is genuinely one-of-its-kind.

    Third, Karyna has heartwarming trust-based relations with her followers. She announced the launch of a new project, face cupping, meaning a vacuum massage with cups. Recently Karyna has opened a pre-order option for this product available on May 1st. Nevertheless, people kept pre-ordering and pre-paying this product without a double thought. 

    Moreover, Karyna has a book, which she was writing around one year. Why a book? Karyna had many requests from her followers on the option of presenting the marathon as a gift to their loved ones. And the book version of the marathon seemed to be a great idea.

    The book describes our physiology, organism functioning, causes of dysfunctions, double chin, swelling, headache, computer-caused neck, etc. in plain language. Karyna covered a so-called evolution with inverted effect. The book conveys all aspects of the problems to help people understand them. It highlights the issues, their causes and then gives solutions through exercises. The concept of the book is a set of selective exercises with a detailed description of the marathon and the possibility to participate in it, including QR codes. The book was planned to be hardcover, but the devastating disaster of war did not let Karyna implement her plans. So, the book is being sold online. 

    Today Karyna has two finished products and an upcoming one. As was already mentioned above, it is an excellent face cupping program. It is almost ready, and being translated. Karyna believes it has no analogues on the Web. Let us keep following her not to miss the launch of this unique program!