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How to maintain Emotional health?


    Have you ever wondered why people sometimes behave strangely in front of a crowd? Or have you ever wondered how the community at broad influences your behavior? Social psychologists study these kinds of questions and like any other field (dissertation literature review chapter). They follow different procedures depending on the individual and case.

    As far as health is concerned, it is essential to note that our physical health is directly or indirectly is affected by our emotional health. Any strict diet, medication, or treatment cannot treat you unless you have a healthy emotional balance.

    Emotions can bind your heart with your dear ones as well as they can break your heart. They make you a prisoner of your mind and thoughts. Your emotional health depends on your ability to overcome situations and handle them in the right way.

    6 Reasons that Affect your Emotional Health

    1. Isolation

    There is no doubt technology has made life super-easy, but on the other hand, it has also taken a toll on the emotional health of people. It has connected the world on your fingertips as well as disconnected you from the real world. What happens if you spend 18-20 hours on the internet? It results in stress, anxiety, and other mental sicknesses. 

    2. Restlessness

    Improper timing to sleep leads to sleeplessness, which in turn makes you disturbed, hyperactive, and sick. It is the main reason behind many other health issues, including emotional health.

    3. Imbalanced diet

    A healthy diet plays a crucial role in promoting physical and mental health. It has proved through research that an insufficient amount of vitamin D can lead to mood swings, anxiety, and fatigue.

    4. Dissatisfaction

    Today, every one-second person is dissatisfied with their life, profession, appearance, etc. because they compare themselves with others, which provokes a negative mindset.

    5. Relationships

    Relationships could be a precious gift of life if they could become your strength. Otherwise, it could be a curse for you if they become your weakness. Lack of time, understanding, and trust can create an endless valley of misunderstandings and negativity. It may cause an emotional breakdown if someone fails to manage a healthy relationship. 

    6. Professional life

    Your workplace affects your emotional health, either positively or negatively. Many individuals are struggling with their professional life and personal life. Today’s competitive and fast-paced life demands an extraordinary professional commitment, which increases work pressure leading to stress, restlessness.

    9 Tips to Promote Emotional Health

    1. Stop complaining

    Learn to accept the reality of life and prepare yourself to face situations with confidence and a positive attitude. 

    2 Be grateful

    Start counting down your blessings rather than focusing on the loss and problems which cannot help you move further in life successfully. Humans are the most beautiful creation of God, so be grateful for this life no matter what comes your way.

    3. Limit your Expectations

    Too many expectations fuel your negative thoughts, try to be self- dependent instead of expecting a helping hand from others for every minor issue. It not only boosts your confidence but also makes you responsible enough to manage your life.

    4. Change your Perception

    Your perception of life is a crucial factor behind your mental stability or anxiety. Having a positive outlook towards life strengthens your attitude to deal with any situation confidently. Never judge anyone or any situation based on only your perceptions. Try to look at the situation from other’s perspectives.

    5. Physical fitness

    Physical fitness is essential to control stress and depression. An unhealthy lifestyle may lead to hormonal imbalance. Adopting a healthy diet along with exercise can have a significant impact on physical and emotional health.

    6. Recreation

    Recreation can help you overcome depression in the long run. Try to make time for your family and spends no matter how busy the work schedule you follow. Enjoying the bounties of nature and spending quality time with dear ones can take away all the stress and restlessness, giving the feeling of relaxation.

    7. Love your Profession

    It is better to choose your profession smartly; remember you have to more than half the time of your life at your workplace. One of the main reasons for professional failure is a lack of interest and love towards work. Instead of focusing merely on the earnings, one needs to measure their willingness and enthusiasm towards their profession.

    8. Be Faithful

    Living in a world of possibilities can solve the maximum issues of life. Never lose hope or degrade yourself because of failures. Failures are, in turn, blessings in a disguised form that trains to fight back more strongly than before.  

    “You can’t change the directions of the wind, but you can adjust your sails to reach your desired destinations.”

    9. Stop over-thinking

    It isn’t very easy to stop thinking, but it is possible to control thoughts through indulging in the activities, which keeps you busy and shift your focus on productive activities.

    Bottom Line

    Everyone’s life has a purpose for which they are born in this world. Where life brings problems in life, it also allows you to learn through hardships and failures. It makes you a better person more confident and positive to handle any tough situation.

    Whenever you face difficulties, you get two options to win over the situation smartly or transform yourself according to the situation.

    Sometimes it’s better to follow our paths instead of following a crowd opinion. Generally, people go along with the group’s opinion. It can cause disturbance because other people who participate in discussions and behavior innovative ideas may not agree with this, which can cause. 

    Following a specific group, blindly may result in a notion that depends upon racism or any other factor, but the reality is different. Don’t be biased due to any other thing and due to the influence of society. 

    Select what is right instead of following the majority opinion. Maybe the majority is supporting the wrong idea. Therefore, one should have personal thoughts and views on any situation. Otherwise, you will not be able to make a wise and fair decision.

    Author Bio – Dr Tarik has been helping students with their academics for the last 10 years. Blogging is one thing he will never get tired with, especially when it is helping students struggling with academic writing. Over the last years 3 years, Dr Tarik has written over 600 blog posts all of which were intended to help university students. He currently serves Research Prospect Ltd, a UK based academic support service, as a content manager.