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How To Make A Sunrise Smoothie

    Sometime soon, you should consider rising along with the nascent sun by drinking a sunrise smoothie. How glorious would that be! Adding this nutritious drink to your diet is another great alternative to the blueberry, green, or other smoothies. It is very easy to prepare and package—you can have it in a smoothie bottle, smoothie cup or wherever you want it. It is thoroughly refreshing, highly beneficial and intriguingly delectable.

    It is a pleasure to share this recipe with you, but before we see how it’s prepared, let’s have a look at its major ingredients and their benefits to the human body.


    This cute-looking vegetable is blessed with flavonoids and vitamin A. Flavonoids reduce the risk of developing heart diseases by protecting the body cells from free radicals. The vitamin A makes the bones grow and develop well, and induces good eyesight. What a very healthy ingredient!


    When we are talking about fruits, mangoes can’t be ignored. A mango is rich in vitamin C, which helps in immune boosting, skin wrinkling, cancer etc.; pectin and fibres, which aid digestion and reduce cholesterol level in the body. This green king, therefore, deserves to be among the ingredients for our sunrise smoothie!


    Some people take orange casually because of its great taste, but little do they know that this prince of orange county has many health benefits which include reducing the chances of having a stroke.


    And last but not the least on our smoothie list is the milky liquid. This lovely flavoured food is tremendously rich in protein and is good for body building among other benefits. And what else, its probiotic contents make it a friend of the digestive system too.

    So how is this nutritious smoothie prepared?!

    Serves: 1

    Prep: 5 mins

    Cook: 0 mins

    Total Time: 5 mins

    Dietary: GF, VEG


    • 60g/2oz carrot, peeled and roughly chopped
    • 80g/3oz fresh ripe mango, roughly chopped
    • 240ml/8fl oz fresh orange juice
    • 60ml/2fl oz plain yoghurt, chilled


    1. Blend carrots and 160ml/5.5fl oz orange juice in a blender until smooth. Pour into serving glass.
    2. Blend mango, yoghurt, and remaining orange juice in a blender. Pour over a spoon set over the carrot layer inside the glass to keep distinct layers.
    3. Serve optionally with honey or maple syrup.

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